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Top leadership coach and change guru Kate Ebner teaches leaders in business, education, government and non-profits how to create compelling and inspiring visions that lead to extraordinary results and outcomes. Each week on “Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life,” Kate introduces you to the amazing visionaries who are shaping our future. She’ll show you how to create your own motivating leadership vision – and how to make it real. Discover the simple, yet powerful steps that add up to a great vision and an extraordinary life. Explore how real visionaries are using vision to drive exceptional results. Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life features guests who open our eyes to new possibilities and whose stories inspire. Tune in and learn how and why to create your own vision. Join Kate for practical tips, wisdom, and knowledge that will take your leadership and your life to a new level. Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life airs live Mondays at 11 AM Eastern / 8 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business.

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Our Next Program: Monday, April 21, 2014

Harnessing 21st Century Technology to Save Our Oceans with National Geographic Explorer Shah Selbe

Native Californian Shah Selbe has a lifelong love of the ocean. Concerned when he learned about the severe threat illegal fishing poses to both the human and animal populations that depend on the ocean, Shah put his engineering training to work looking for a solution. His approach demonstrates the potential for technology to help us address the globe’s most pressing environmental problems. Shah is the creator of FishNET, a platform approach to tracking illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing worldwide. FishNET uses a variety of technologies, including a smartphone app, drones and underwater microphones to monitor and share data about what’s going on in the water around the world. Tune in on April 21 to learn what terms like “open source,” “crowdsourced,” and “systems thinking” mean and how Shah is applying these principles to make a big difference in the effort to preserve our oceans.

Guest Biography

Shah Selbe created FishNET, a platform approach harnessing technology to detect and track illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing worldwide. Since 2009, he has worked as a conservation technologist and technology expert working to identify and implement innovative approaches to ocean conservation. Shah is a satellite propulsion systems engineer at Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems. He completed an M.S. at the University of Southern California in Systems Architecture & Engineering, a program that focuses on the architecture, design, and management of complicated engineering projects. He then went to graduate school for Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University, which led to the efforts in ocean conservation outlined in this document. Shah has served as technology expert for a number of nonprofits and also serves as the Southern California Regional Representative for Engineers Without Borders, with whom he has led multiple service projects throughout the world.

Photo by Benjamin Grimes

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