Photo of Doug Lewis

Doug Lewis
Leadership Coach


As a former corporate leader, I worked with a coach. I know firsthand the profound impact that coaching can have on someone, both professionally and personally. I became a coach to help others find that for themselves.”

Doug Lewis has a passion for helping people reconnect with that which makes them feel most alive. With a unique background in the domains of Finance, Information Technology and People & Organization Development, Doug draws upon his own experience as a global leader. He is a long-term practitioner of meditation and the martial arts as ways of remaining centered and grounded.

Doug enjoys working with clients who are serious about making personal change and willing to dive deep to make that happen. He is often selected by clients in transition. A creative person, he doesn’t follow the same process with each client. He works well with clients who are comfortable with the process being fluid and alive.


  • Over 25 years of experience working and leading in corporate organizational settings
  • Experience and education in finance, IT, and people & organizational development
  • Strong interest in combining leadership coaching and the power of film
  • Managing director of Wallero Technologies, Inc.
  • Held leadership positions in the corporate finance and technology industries, including serving as the General Manager at Microsoft for 20+ years


  • Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching (Georgetown University)
  • Master in Positive Organizational Development and Organizational Leadership (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Finance (University of Puget Sound)


  • Lives in Kirkland, Washington with his wife and two children
  • Passionate about participating in creative acts: learning, gardening, woodworking, cooking, guitar, writing poetry, film making