Friderike Butler
Vice President, Coaching Solutions

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“Clients and colleagues have told me that I have the gift of ‘seeing the mighty oak tree in an acorn and giving it what it needs to grow.’  I enjoy serving as a catalyst for discovering hidden potential and nurturing growth through thoughtful partnering conversations. Witnessing the transformation of ideas into bold action that brings forth positive change in the world is what fuels my passion for coaching and gives me energy in my own work as a leader.”

Friderike Butler is Nebo’s Vice President of Coaching Solutions. In this role, she works closely with client sponsors to identify the best solutions for their leadership development priorities and works closely with Nebo’s coaching team to identify the right coaches for each opportunity. With client sponsor needs in mind, she spearheads the development of Nebo’s growing diverse coaching talent pool. In addition, Friderike supports the Nebo’s Community of Practice through continuous education opportunities, training and networking events and serves as a direct resource for Nebo’s practitioners.

Friderike has established a reputation for being a visionary and creative serial intra- and entrepreneur, who built several businesses in the travel, IT and communication industry from ideation to full viability. She brings extensive international management expertise, a genuine appreciation for diversity of perspective, curiosity around culture and the power of words, positive psychology, a heart-centered, pragmatic, people-focused approach, and flexibility to each client engagement. 

At the core of her work, Friderike is a catalyst for change, growth, purpose and inspiration in the workplace. She excels at developing creative leaders at every level of an organization by helping them identify and step into their best selves, and by shining a light on their unique strengths and talents. Her work incorporates emotional and narrative intelligence, effective communication strategies, and story formation to create thriving, collaborative, engaging, and supportive teams and organizational cultures.


  • Through the opening of the first U.S. sales office for a German cruise line she experienced the challenges and opportunities of cultural differences
  • She actively developed a 1-person software consulting practice to a boutique software development firm with 19 on-site employees and virtual teams of subcontractors in Russia, China, and India
  • Friderike was inspired to become a leadership coach and study organizational development after witnessing a cherished and thriving business fall apart and close its doors after a change in ownership.
  • She has trained and coached more than 300 executives and high-potential professionals in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and small businesses for improved performance with excellent results; she has a personal passion for coaching leaders in transition and emerging talent development


  • Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching (Georgetown University)
  • M.S. in Organization Development and Knowledge Management (George Mason University)
  • B.I.S. in Cross-cultural Management and Communication (George Mason University)


  • HR Alliance DC board member


  • Friderike was born and grew up in Germany
  • She now lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two adult boys and is very engaged in her local community
  • She reconnects with her inner zen by exploring local trails with her dog
  • She enjoys experiencing different cultures through traveling and ethnic foods, is an avid scuba diver and fierce lionfish hunter

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