Jen Armstrong Headshot

Jen Armstrong
Leadership Coach & Facilitator


“My coaching style is described as emergent as I help leaders experience success in new ways, often moving from the discomfort of the unknown to the art of what is possible.”

With 25 years of creative, corporate, and consulting experience, Jen has witnessed firsthand the challenges facing today’s leaders. As a former member of the C-suite and a change agent herself, she left her corporate role to consult in market strategy and help organizations achieve commercial objectives. Recognizing the chicken and egg synergy of leadership effectiveness and business results, she shifted her focus to leadership coaching and now partners with leaders on this interconnected journey.

Having led customer-facing programs and held P&L responsibility, Jen offers a unique perspective. She has experienced the challenge of industry disruption, the sometimes-lonely position of leadership, as well as the reward of nurturing an innovative culture to support growth. Her international work also provides additional context for leaders operating at a global level.

Jen has learned that every leadership journey is different and aims to meet her clients where they are, recognizing they bring a unique perspective and ability to navigating their own development in partnership with a coach. Her own experience in the C-suite and as an expat affords most clients a level of understanding that can help them move quickly from “how does coaching work” to experiencing change and maximizing impact.


  • As a former Chief Marketing Officer, she understands the challenges in creating sustainable change.
  • In her coaching, she brings focus to individual results within unique organizational contexts.
  • As a senior leader with international experience, she can offer multiple perspectives on difficult leadership issues.

Education, Training and Certifications

  • Master in Business Administration (Boston University)
  • Bachelor of Science in Journalism (Bowling Green State University)
  • Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching (Georgetown University)
  • The Art of Developmental Coaching
  • Immunity To Change Facilitator Training
  • Assessment Certifications: Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Management, Action Inquiry Global Leadership Profile (GLP), DISC, The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP), the Leadership Culture Survey (LCS)


  • Jen lives in Cambridge, MA.
  • She enjoys time in nature at her favorite spot in Maine and with her rambunctious calico, Evie.
  • She and her husband jump at opportunities to live and travel.

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