Michelle Levister
Leadership Coach

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“Coaching cultivates the perspective shifts essential for leading change and transforming the status quo so individuals and organizations can truly thrive.”

As a practicing attorney, while advising on matters related to the global commercialization of intellectual property, Michelle realized innovating in uncharted territories required decision making without a map by focusing on desired impact and considering unintended consequences. Michelle quickly developed an ear and eye to spot root causes for emerging concerns. She became deeply curious and passionate about helping leaders operate in complex environments to build sustainable relationships and structures that create change and achieve business objectives.

Michelle now partners with clients as a leadership coach and brings her deep sense for perspective-taking and strategy to her coaching conversations. She has an affinity for coaching values-driven, high-growth senior and next-gen leaders as they shape the future of their organizations. She particularly enjoys coaching innovators and disruptors in corporate and public service settings and in social impact ventures who are seeking to create positive change in themselves and in their organizations. Her clients span a variety of industries, including, technology, law, engineering, finance, entertainment, consumer goods, public policy, design, academia, and gaming. Some clients are working at the inflection point of AI in their domains, which is a sector that fascinates Michelle.

Michelle supports her clients as they explore and articulate their leadership, strategy and decision-making models and upgrade them to be able to better navigate or drive disruption in their organizations or their industries. Time and again during coaching sessions, Michelle has seen clients notice their default reasoning and behavioral patterns and from there they were able to unlock new perspectives and bring new possibilities into existence.

Clients say her ability to sit alongside them – with her kind energy, deep and reflective listening, and discerning questions – gives them the autonomy and space to be and think for themselves as they unfold insights.


  • As Deputy General Counsel, Commercial and Intellectual Property, advised the C-Suite and senior leaders on legal matters of first impression and on pioneering business opportunities to include global expansion by creating the legal infrastructure for licensing new services and establishing foreign subsidiaries.
  • In her role as Director of Government Relations, co-led the government relations team’s efforts to raise visibility with Congress, in Congressional hearings and meetings with members and staffers, as well as, with public officials in federal, state, and local agencies, and grassroots organizations.
  • While practicing law, received several recognitions to include three Presidents’ Awards issued by Arbitron Inc. for Global Transactions, Licensing, and Mexico, respectively.

Education, Training and Certifications

  • Juris Doctor (University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law)
  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching (Georgetown University)
  • International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Certified Confidence Coach (American Confidence Institute)
  • Completed coursework in positive psychology, adult development and human-centered design
  • Assessment certifications: Leadership Circle Profile 360


  • Board Vice Chair, Capital Area Asset Builders; Board Director, National Caucus & Center for Black Aging; and member of working group for AI in college education
  • Global traveler
  • Animal lover (especially dogs) and Bonsai enthusiast

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