Neil Stroul headshot

Neil Stroul
Leadership Coach & Facilitator


I ask leaders: what’s your story?  Leading is a journey, not a destination. A leader’s agenda springs from the place where the organization’s purpose or mission meet up with necessity, and this agenda requires them to reclaim power they may have inadvertently set aside because of their own story about themselves as a leader. To deliver full impact and effectiveness, a leader must attend to the story they tell themselves about their own leadership and about the organization itself.”

One of the founding faculty of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program, Neil Stroul is well known for his intellect, curiosity and passion for helping people “see the story they are in” and determine how best to change that story in order to contribute more effectively.  Neil helps his clients distinguish between their past achievements and perspectives, their current-day view of their own leadership and the kind of leadership needed to bring about the desired future.  Neil often coaches C-level executives and senior leaders whose agendas include organizational change, improved team performance and greater individual effectiveness for the sake of achieving organizational goals.  

Neil earned a Ph.D. in Psychology, but turned to coaching as a way to work more directly with clients and the outcomes they would like to see.  An empathetic and attentive listener, Neil brings deep attention to his work with leaders.  His style is engaging and direct as he helps clients to hear themselves in new ways.  With this greater awareness, his clients can “catch” how their story shapes and limits their options and consciously explore alternative ways to make meaning of a situation, asking and exploring the questions that really matter.  Neil notes that leadership coaching helps people to “backfill everything they have not learned along the way.”  He enjoys coming up with his own frameworks, models and language in service to his clients challenges.  His clients often view their work with him as “life-changing.”


  • 25 years of experience in the field of coaching and psychology
  • Founding faculty member of Georgetown University’s Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching program
  • Served on the faculty of the Executive Masters in Leadership program at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business
  • Designed mentoring programs for several corporations as well as the World Bank and International Finance Corporation


  • Ph.D. in Psychology (Florida State University)