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Susan Collins
Leadership Coach


“Leaders can make or break the environment for others. The most kind and caring people can lose touch with their better natures under times of duress. I help people stay connected to their core values even when under pressure, so they can treat people well while continuing to forge ahead to achieve goals. In the long run, being able to stay open-hearted when under pressure to perform is the key to being a transformative leader.

Susan has helped leaders in large organizations take their leadership to the next “level of difficulty.” As people move to positions with more and more authority, they generally find their work becomes less and less concrete – instead of doing the work itself, their job is to create the conditions so their people can get the work done effectively. The uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity that comes with more authority over people and business decisions can be overwhelming, especially when things are changing rapidly.

Susan works with leaders as they take on more authority to help them build the capacity to handle the complexity and uncertainty they are facing. She helps them understand why others don’t seem to see what they are seeing, and to translate their vision in ways so others can get on board. She also helps leaders build resilience to stay open and explore new ways to address challenges, even when faced with anxiety that comes with not knowing exactly what to do.

Gentle, smart and well versed in the challenges and constraints of leading large bureaucracies, such as the federal government and large corporations, she brings a depth of knowledge, wisdom and perspective to her clients. Susan is also a dog lover who coaches people with their dogs – who are excellent mirrors for the way we show up in the world – to improve relationships and approach life more often with compassion and care for others.


  • Over 18 years of experience in the field of coaching
  • International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Has led leadership development efforts for senior executives and other experienced leadership in several U.S. government agencies
  • Expertise in helping leaders expand their capacity to handle increased complexity and uncertainty
  • Coaches dog-loving clients with their dogs, who serve as mirrors for how we show up as leaders and in relationships
  • Prior to her work in leadership development, Susan was a housing and labor economist

Education, Training and Certifications

  • Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching (Georgetown University)
  • Advanced Coaching Certificate in Leadership and Well-Being (George Mason University)
  • Ph.D. in Economics (University of Rochester)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Wellesley College)
  • Certificate in Neuroleadership (The Neuroleadership Institute)


  • Animal and nature lover
  • Avid day-hiker
  • Insight meditation practitioner


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