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Stand together

Taking a stand for a future that is not like the past

The Nebo Company stands as an organization of conscience in solidarity with Black communities and others around the world to condemn the structural, systemic and institutional racism and violence in the United States that has taken countless lives.

Follow the (new) leader

The time has come to listen and learn from the next generation of leaders, and allow their ideas and commitment to the future guide us.

Getting Away – Together

Time and again, we’ve seen the restorative benefits and clearer focus that comes from a great retreat experience.

Innovative Building Design

Innovation: Seeing new possibilities in old problems

Innovation continues to be a hot topic in many industries, yet for leaders who are charged with sparking change and bringing new ideas, it can be hard to innovate when you just keep looking at the same issues from the same angles. 

Another Good Reason to Ask More Questions

At Nebo, we often teach leaders how to use curious, open-ended questions to develop and empower others.  People are often astonished to realize how valuable others find it when they ask a good question instead of just giving advice.