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    Innovative Building Design

    Innovation: Seeing new possibilities in old problems

    Innovation continues to be a hot topic in many industries, yet for leaders who are charged with sparking change and bringing new ideas, it can be hard to innovate when you just keep looking at the same issues from the same angles. 

    Another Good Reason to Ask More Questions

    At Nebo, we often teach leaders how to use curious, open-ended questions to develop and empower others.  People are often astonished to realize how valuable others find it when they ask a good question instead of just giving advice.

    Lake Nebo

    From Leaf to Lake

    Our new brand makes the strong visual connection between our company’s name and our offer: to help leaders access their depths in service to the difference they want to make.  The little ‘o’ is an invitation to dive into your greatness — and a little reminder that self-reflection is the path to leadership excellence.

    Lead from Within

    At The Nebo Company, we commit to working closely with our clients to help them remember their unique sources of resilience and inner balance in order to tap into those strengths as they lead tough and demanding challenges.