Assessments & Resources

The Nebo Company offers a wide variety of Resources and Assessments to support teams and organizations.

Assessments give our clients the information they need to set a course for personal or organization development. Depending on the challenges, scope, and objectives of our clients, we include assessments in the design of our engagements. We collaborate closely with our clients to choose assessments that are just right.

We offer the following assessments to our clients through our own certifications and partnerships:

DISC Behavioral Style Assessment

This assessment can be used for Individuals as well as groups and organizations. This tool assesses the styles and preferences of an individual's behavior in specific environment. It helps us to explain "how" individuals react and is often paired with the PIAV Assessment which explains "why" individuals act.

The DISC measures an individual's natural and adapted style for the following four dimensions:

  • Dominance – Relating to power, assertiveness and driving for results
  • Influence – Relating to communication with others and social situations
  • Steadiness – Relating to pace, persistence, thoughtfulness
  • Compliance – Relating to the structure and organization created by others

This assessment is a favorite of our client's for the leadership development of individuals or for creating a team of people with complementing work-style strengths.

PIAV (Personal Inventory of Attitudes and Values)

The PIAV is an assessment that is used for both individuals and for teams and organizations. This tool indicates a person's motivators and drivers by describing why a person behaves in a particular manner. Nebo encourages clients to pair this assessment with the DISC which describes "how" we act when motivate by the values measured by the PIAV.

The PIAV measures the following six values:

  • Theoretical
  • Utilitarian
  • Aesthetic
  • Social
  • Individualistic
  • Traditional

Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory - The EQ-I

The EQ-I is ideal for those indidividuals looking to grow in positions managing and working closely with teams and other individuals. The EQ-I is the most widely used tool to measure emotional-social intelligence. The EQ-i comprises 133 items in the form of short sentences and employs a 5-point response scale with a textual response format ranging from "very seldom or not true of me" (1) to "very often true of me or true of me" (5).

The EQ-I measures assesses the following emotional-social intelligence traits:

  • Intrapersonal
  • Interpersonal
  • Stress Management
  • Adaptability
  • General Mood

360° Leadership Profile

A 360º Profile is a common way of soliciting developmental feedback for an individual fro self, supervisors, peers and direct reports. The Nebo Company offers two versions of the 360º Profile: The Narrative 360º and The Leadership Circle Profile 360º.

Narrative 360º

The Narrative 360º is an interview-based approach. A Nebo coach interviews the individual along with a selection of supervisors, peers and direct reports asking questions pertaining to the individual's work-style, management-style, personality, and other related topics. The personal nature of the Narrative 360º enables the coach to ask pointed questions in order to gather very detailed and specific feedback.

Following the interviews, the coach prepares a comprehensive narrative report outlining the feedback. The coach will meet with the individual to debrief the report and design a development plan based on the feedback.

Leadership Circle Profile 360º

The Leadership Circle Profile 360º is similar to the Narrative 360º, except that it is an online-based feedback system. The individual along with the supervisors, peers and direct reports answer standardized questions online and The Leadership Circle produces a report from the feedback describing the individual's behavior and indicates the inner operating system that runs that behavior.

The Nebo Company coach will meet with the individual to debrief the report and to design a development plan based on the results.

Organizational Culture Surveys

An organizational culture survey is an excellent tool that is used to measure the impact of an organization's inner structures and the behavior of it's leaders on the overall culture. Culture surveys are often used to focus leadership development efforts, delineate cultural challenges associated with acquisitions, mergers and restructuring, and correlating leadership to productivity, profits, turnover and other bottom line metrics. Nebo offers two culture surveys to assess the current culture at your organization: The Leadership Culture Survey by The Leadership Circle and the Nebo Company Narrative Culture Survey.

The Leadership Circle Culture Survey

The Leadership Circle Culture Survey delivers a powerful assessment of the affect that and organization's leadership has on the overall culture of the workplace. The assessment looks at how employees view the current leadership culture and compares that with the optimal culture desired by employees. This survey is a web-based survey, making it very easy to administer within an organization. The Leadership Circle produces a report following the survey which will be debriefed to the leaders and/or the entire organization by a Nebo Company Coach.

The Nebo Company Narrative Culture Survey

The Narrative Culture Survey conducted by Nebo addresses the same issues as the Leadership Circle Culture Survey except that it is interview-based. Nebo coaches interview all or a sample of employees an organization and report insights about the organizational culture and what leadership can do to improve it.

Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP)

The MAP measures the stage of a person's development. This assessment is a useful leadership development tool for both individuals or for a team within an organization. It expands your understanding of adult development and your own particular journey. The assessment is web-based and the results are scored and a full report is provided to the individual which is debriefed by a certified coach. The results will enhance your ability to support the development of people, teams and organizations. Through this assessment, you will begin to understand, "Where am I now? What's next for me? What are my greatest challenges."

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step II

The MBTI is a well-know personality inventory often used as a tool in professional and leadership development. The MBTI Step II offers a more detailed description of each of the 16 personality types. In addition to indicating an individual's four-letter personality type like the MBTI Step I, the MBTI Step II breaks down each of the letters into five additional facets. This extra detail is most helpful for individuals having difficulty finding their "best-fit" type. This assessment may be implemented for both individual leadership development and for the development of a leadership team with an organization.

Sustainability Assessments

Sustainability - whether personal, environmental, or organizational - is a very important goal of The Nebo Company. As an organization, Nebo always strives to maintain a sustainable work environment for it's employees and encourages them to lead sustainable lives. Nebo offers assessments that measure sustainability for both organizations and individuals. To learn more about Nebo's offering on sustainability in addition to the information below, please click here.

Nebo Organizational Sustainability Assessment

The Nebo Company offers assessments to help organizations take measure of their sustainability. The assessment looks at all aspects of sustainability, including human resource practices, environmental footprint, financial stability and community engagement. We use the standards set by industry.

Nebo Individual Sustainability Assessment

The Nebo Company also offers individuals tools to assess their own personal sustainability. These tools guide individuals to examine there own habits related to work, sleeping, eating, fitness, family, friends, leisure, stress and also their environmental impact.

Highlands Ability Battery

Everyone is born with a range of abilities unique to him or her. It’s fair to say that these abilities are essentially hard-wired. They mature during infancy and can be measured in most individuals after the age of fourteen. Highlands measures these abilities by asking the individual to perform nineteen hands-on worksamples.   At Nebo, we use the Highlands Ability Battery when working with clients who are exploring questions about their natural strengths and how to set a course professionally that will best suit them.  This assessment provides relative perspective about your abilities and suggests job matches that would work well for you as an individual.  



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