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Develop an inspiring vision and strategic plan

Nebo specializes in creative visioning and strategic planning processes that equip you and your team with a motivating path forward.  Learn more by exploring Vision Lab on our website.

Change the Culture of your Organization

Organizational culture isn't easy to change and as the old axim goes, "culture eats strategy."  We can help you shift your culture with our systemic approach. We begin with a culture survey that will help you zero in on the elements of your culture that need attention.  We then work with you to analyze the results, examine root causes, and identify the changes in structure, process, communication, policy and behavior that can make the difference.  We help you demonstrate "quick wins" that signal that real change is underway.  Our process blends consulting and coaching services to support each phase of your effort.

Lead and Manage Change

Kate Ebner and Jan Kearce bring decades of change leadership experience to their work as coaches and consultants. Leading change requires perspective, stamina, strategic thinking, a systemic approach and a firm grasp of the dynamics of organizational change. Contact us if you would like advisory support as you navigate the challenges of significant change.  Work in this arena may include organizational design, advising about governance and Board dynamics, strategic planning, leadership coaching, team-building and project management and implementation.

Design a leadership program to strengthen the capabilities of your leaders

Many companies today are establishing in-house leadership academies or courses for managers and senior leaders. As curriculum designers, we work with your team to develop a robust and innovative leadership program. We bring theory, practice, and community together in ways that ensure that participants gain lasting benefits from their participation. We can help you design a program that is delivered virtually as well as in person. Nebo also offers turn-key signature workshops that complement and expand your existing programs.

Develop an Internal Coaching Program

Would you like to build an internal coaching program? Would your managers benefit from coach training to add to their skill sets? Contact us to help you design an internal coaching program or to train your team on coaching skills, such as deep listening, powerful questions, creating awareness and designing action.

Institute a Mentoring Program that is the Right Fit for your Organization

Structured mentoring programs are a great way for organizations to develop both new hires and high potential employees. Mentors and mentees build connections and bonds that are often stronger than those that develop through everyday office interactions. The many benefits of mentoring programs within organizations include:

  • Increased visibility of top performers
  • Improved retention of knowledge and talent
  • A more successful onboarding process
  • Higher employee satisfaction and increased employee productivity

Please contact us to learn more about the many mentoring options we offer such as peer mentoring, flash mentoring, accelerated mentoring, traditional one-on-one mentor pairs, group mentoring, and more.

Become a More Sustainable and Green Organization

If you are not already thinking about how to become a green organization, you will be soon.  With growing awareness about the dire need for changes in order for our planet to be sustainable, every organization, large and small, can examine its own practices and find ways to improve.  We are eager to work with organizations looking to make this change, in partnership with Eco-Coach.

Significantly Improve the Experience of Women and Minorities

In 2009, women exceeded men in the workplace for the first time. The trend will continue as women outnumber men as BA and MA graduates. By 2017, the faces at the proverbial table will reflect the changes in our demographics, according to projections from the US Census Bureau. Organizations that have demonstrated themselves to be excellent employers of women and minorities will be at a serious competitive advantage as they seek to recruit talent. In partnership with Kaiser Associates, Nebo has done groundbreaking work for clients in this area. We take a systemic approach, exploring existing culture and the unwritten "rules" that govern it, analyzing metrics that tell your current story, and working with you on a roadmap that will dramatically improve your organization's success at hiring, developing, retaining and promoting women and minorities.

Kaiser-Nebo Talent Collaborative

To learn more about our partnership with a leading strategy-consutling firm, click here.

For more information, please read about our Consulting services.

5/10/2017 | Kate Ebner, CEO, on retreat with faculty of Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program
Kate Ebner on retreat with faculty of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program at Bon Secours Retreat Center in Marriottsville, MD.
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3/16/2017 | Sharon Lipovsky Welcomes New Baby Boy Into the World
Nebo is extremely excited to announce that VP, Sharon Lipovsky, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Ignatius Alexander (Iggy!), on February 19.
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10/3/2016 | Nebo Welcomes Two New Team Members
Nebo is excited to introduce two new team members to our Leadership Team, Edwin Schmierer and Izzy Martens.
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