Visionary Leader Programs 

Enhance your leadership development programs by adding our original Visionary Leader workshops to your talent development plan.

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Nebo's  Visionary Leader curriculum captures common topics requested by clients.  From leadership presence and effective communication to team-building, visioning and coping with work / life integration, our Visionary Leader workshops are "turnkey" solutions to providing professional development to your staff.

Our programs are taught by top coaches, facilitators and instructors.

Nebo workshops and learning events can be custom designed meet the specific needs of your organization. 

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10/3/2016 | Nebo Welcomes Two New Team Members
Nebo is excited to introduce two new team members to our Leadership Team, Edwin Schmierer and Izzy Martens.
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12/8/2015 | Kate Ebner, CEO, Weighs In On Executive Coaching in The Economist
Three established coaches—Bill Berman, PhD, Kate Ebner and Alyssa Freas, PhD—weigh in on the benefits of coaching and how to choose the coach who is right for you.
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12/4/2015 | Kakenya Nataiya Former Guest On Visionary Leaders Radio Show To Be Keynote At Georgetown Graduate Coaches Conference
Today, in a remote district of Kenya's first and only primary school for girls, students learn about health and leadership in addition to rigorous academics because of Kakenya's vision and courage.
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