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Top leadership coach and change guru Kate Ebner teaches leaders in business, education, government and non-profits how to create compelling and inspiring visions that lead to extraordinary results and outcomes. Each week on “Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life,” Kate introduced you to the amazing visionaries who are shaping our future. She’ll show you how to create your own motivating leadership vision – and how to make it real. Discover the simple, yet powerful steps that add up to a great vision and an extraordinary life. Explore how real visionaries are using vision to drive exceptional results. Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life features guests who open our eyes to new possibilities and whose stories inspire. Tune in and learn how and why to create your own vision. Join Kate for practical tips, wisdom, and knowledge that will take your leadership and your life to a new level.

Our Final Program Aired on June 30, 2014

Saying Goodbye: Lessons from Over 125 Visionaries with Kate Ebner and Guest Host Rachel Wold

In August of 2011 leadership coach Kate Ebner started a bold new radio show to help listeners learn how to become visionary and make their visions real. Kate hosted conversations with engineers, writers, farmers, politicians, scientists and artists, each one of whom contributed their perspective and experience as a visionary. After 118 episodes and nearly 3 successful years, it's time to say goodbye to Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life. Host Kate Ebner will reflect on the biggest lessons she's learned about leadership, vision, and living an extraordinary life from her incredible guests. Show producer Rachel Wold guest hosts this special final episode- don't miss it!

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