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Kate Ebner Speaking at the 2018 PDI Conference

On Thursday, November 29, CEO of The Nebo Company, Kate Ebner, is speaking at the Professional Development Institute’s annual conference. Kate will be addressing the important topic of sponsorship in the #metoo era.

Webinar: Investing in the Right People at the Right Time

In this 45-minute webinar designed for talent development and HR leaders, Kate will share Nebo’s strategic framework for answering the critical question of when and how to invest in talent for optimal benefit to your organization, including increasing engagement, improving retention, and maximizing your return on investment (ROI) on your talent development budget.

Getting Away – Together

Time and again, we’ve seen the restorative benefits and clearer focus that comes from a great retreat experience.

writing down goals

Focus on the Wildly Important

Since January, we have used the 4DX framework to achieve Nebo’s strategic goals. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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The Age of Innovation

A common myth in popular culture is that the world of startups – and innovation by default – belong to the young. The reality is very different.

Simple Ideas for Daily Reflection

Reflection has more benefit than you might think. In fact, studies suggest that purposeful, daily reflection actually has the ability to improve your cognitive abilities and increase your overall performance.