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Getting Away – Together

Time and again, we’ve seen the restorative benefits and clearer focus that comes from a great retreat experience.

writing down goals

Focus on the Wildly Important

Since January, we have used the 4DX framework to achieve Nebo’s strategic goals. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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The Age of Innovation

A common myth in popular culture is that the world of startups – and innovation by default – belong to the young. The reality is very different.

Simple Ideas for Daily Reflection

Reflection has more benefit than you might think. In fact, studies suggest that purposeful, daily reflection actually has the ability to improve your cognitive abilities and increase your overall performance.

Innovative Building Design

Innovation: Seeing new possibilities in old problems

Innovation continues to be a hot topic in many industries, yet for leaders who are charged with sparking change and bringing new ideas, it can be hard to innovate when you just keep looking at the same issues from the same angles. 


Four Questions to Ask a Potential Coach

What questions should you ask when you interview a leadership coach? Sometimes, what’s underneath that question is a deeper one: How do you make sure that coaching will make a difference? Coaching is an investment in time, energy and attention, and you want to make sure you get the best return.

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Receiving the Gift of Feedback

Receiving feedback plays a significant role in one’s development as a leader. By opening ourselves up to feedback from others, we are acknowledging that we are in a continuous process of learning and growth, and that we understand that there are always ways we can be more effective.