• “Each of us has a ‘lake within’ – a center point for accessing the resources to lead with courage, grace, and purpose.”
     Kate Ebner
  • of executives predict significant industry disruption in the next three years, up from 26% in 2018.

    Mercer Global Talent Trends 2019


  • “Each of us has a ‘lake within’ – a center point for accessing the resources to lead with courage, grace, and purpose.”
     Kate Ebner

    of CEOs expect to make organizational design changes in the next 2 years, however…


    describe their organization
    as “change agile”.

    Mercer Global Talent Trends 2017


Our Services

The Nebo Company develops resilient leaders and organizations through strategic visioning and planning, leadership coaching and leadership development programs, and organizational advisory, facilitation, and change management consulting.

Strategic Visioning & Planning

Companies today face rapid change, and leadership teams must be agile and forward-looking in order to anticipate and shape the future. Many organizations today seek strategic imagination, or a “breakthrough mindset”, to adapt to change and stay relevant.

How do you create a shared and aspirational vision, identify strategic pillars, align your organization, and make it real?

Leadership Coaching & Team Effectiveness

Your talent is your most valuable resource and a top priority. From leadership coaching to executive team development, making the right investments at the right time is critical to strategy execution and organizational success.

How do you develop your executive, senior, and rising leaders and teams to ensure they have the capacity, mindset, and “moves” to achieve your organization’s most important priorities?

Organizational Resiliency, Culture & Values

Complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty describe today’s operating environment. Yet, the most powerful and enduring force we have for shaping leaders and employees of sound judgment and positive impact is the culture in which they grow. 

From the board room to the water cooler, how do you take the pulse of your organization, reinforce what’s working, and begin to facilitate change where needed?

Envisioning the future is the defining act of leadership. Can you see your future?

Your people are your most valuable resource. How do you develop leadership within your organization?

Culture impacts all aspects of organizational life. How do you develop leadership within your organization?

The Nebo Approach

We are committed partners in the success of your enterprise.

The Nebo™ approach brings deep expertise and a blend of leading edge and proven methods. We provide an innovative approach to developing your leaders and teams based on proven methods that are customized to your unique situation. We are passionate about your success.

    We get it.
    Deep grasp of your challenges and your goals.
    We know how.
    Deep expertise. Innovative designs based on a blend of leading edge and proven methods, applied to your unique context.
    We share what we see.
    Our partnership approach adds value to each engagement as our insights about your organization accrue over time, providing rich feedback and support to your leaders and organization.
    Your goals are our goals.
    Proven history of delivering excellent results with our clients over more than a decade, whether one-on-one coaching, leadership development programming or strategic visioning and planning.
    We’re here to help, from start to finish.
    Unwavering commitment to your experience from start to finish and beyond. Outstanding collaboration, support and follow through.