Strategic Visioning & Planning

Make your vision real.

Nebo is recognized as an expert in strategic visioning and planning after more than fifteen years of developing compelling, strategic visions with numerous companies across many industries. The Nebo methodology has helped countless clients develop visions that unite, focus and inspire. Once the vision is created, we guide leaders and executive teams in translating it into a focused, actionable strategic plan that accelerates results.

We are your partner.

We know how to work with our clients to make their  vision real.  The Nebo Company is well positioned to be the partner for Strategic Visioning and Planning initiatives at your organization.  Nebo has codified a proven approach to creating vision and aligning the focus and efforts of the organization to achieve it.  We have deep experience working with small and large organizations and communities across the public, private and civic sectors on change management and strategic vision initiatives.

Get it right.

Visioning done well can be a transformative experience for organizations and executive teams. Working with a well-defined and proven process can result in a bold yet purposeful vision and an aligned, energized, and engaged executive team with clear and accountable direction. Getting your organization’s strategic vision right is pivotal for growth, impact, and operational excellence.

Organizations often get bogged down in selecting a framework, deciding who to invite into the process, when and where to start, communicating progress, and how to translate vision into strategy and concrete, actionable steps. Visioning done poorly can set an organization back by years, stymie recent progress, or limit an organization’s potential for growth and impact.


Shift from reactionary to visionary.

Nebo’s visioning process links the three strategic narratives of your organization — history, current state, and future vision — to generate engagement, innovation, and fresh insights. The Nebo process draws on the deep expertise and resources that already exist in your organization.

Sustainable and transformational change occurs when
Mission, Values, Vision, and Strategy are aligned.

Our process brings people together in a common understanding of the past and present and delivers a shared vision that is connected to the past, grounded in present realities, but not limited by either. The process is designed to unlock the “strategic imagination” embedded within your organization and open the doors to new and attainable possibilities.

Strategic Visioning Process

Prepare, Convene, Execute

The visioning process takes careful preparation, expert facilitation, focused communication, and follow-through. We have a well-defined and yet flexible process for working with our clients. Most importantly, it takes a trusted partner.


  • Multi-year strategic plan (next steps and timeline) with clear objectives for individual leaders
  • Increased ability to have effective, open discussions about crucial issues and priorities
  • Ability to continue the work through the use of tools, templates, and shared team approach
  • An engaged, energized, forward-looking leadership team, board, staff, and key stakeholders
  • “The work we did in partnership with Nebo had a permanent impact and remains a driving force and a polestar for our subsequent development as an organization.” Andrew Kutt Founder & Head of School Oneness-Family…
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