Mentoring Solutions

Structured mentoring programs are a great way for organizations to develop new hires, mid-level and high potential employees. Mentors and mentees build connections and bonds that are often stronger than those that develop through everyday office interactions. At Nebo, we offer a variety of Mentoring Solutions to support the needs of your organization.

Our Mentoring Solutions Include:

  • Accelerated Mentoring
  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • Group Mentoring
  • Flash Mentoring
  • Rotational Mentoring
  • Peer Mentoring 
To download an overview of our Mentoring Solutions, please click here.

The many benefits of mentoring programs within organizations include:

  • Increased visibility of top performers
  • Improved retention of knowledge and talent
  • A more successful onboarding process
  • Higher employee satisfaction and increased employee productivity

Please contact us to learn more about the many mentoring options we offer such as peer mentoring, flash mentoring, accelerated mentoring, traditional one-on-one mentor pairs, group mentoring, and more.

More about our Accelerated Mentoring Program

We have combined a series of our facilitated leadership workshops with mentoring  within your organization. 

We customize the Accelerated Mentoring program to meet your goals and to address the specific needs of your target employee group.

The benefits to the Accelerated Mentoring program include:

  • Create leaders at all levels through leading edge ideas and knowledge
  • Learn to develop others
  • Establish high standards for mentoring
  • Teach participants to lead their own development
  • Create a learning community
  • Build leadership capacity by tapping into organization’s expertise
  • Provide high value and efficiency for participants
  •  Integrate with your ongoing approach

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