From the beginning, retreats have been a centerpiece of Nebo's offerings.  Our name, which refers to the hidden Lake Nebo in the Adirondacks, also speaks to the need of every person to reconnect with self and the natural world as a source of renewal. We wish everyone would take time to have a "nebo experience" and restore energy and well-being.

Today, we offer three types of retreat experiences:

  • Retreats for Leadership Teams with a Focused Agenda
  • Visioning Retreats
  • Retreats for Rejuvenation 

Retreats for Leadership Teams

Bring your team to a beautiful setting that will energize the group, even as you conduct a focused and highly productive professional experience. We work closely with organizations to develop retreat objectives and an agenda that will take you where you want to go. We offer facilitation and retreat planning that makes it easy for you to deliver a retreat that is memorable and delivers lasting benefits for your organization. Nebo facilitators are skilled at setting a tone that allows for discussion of difficult and controversial topics. We create a sense of safety and trust with all participants and work with you to adapt the flow so that it best serves the group throughout the retreat. Clients often tell us that they come away marveling at how much they accomplished and how much more they appreciate the people with whom they work. 

Visioning Retreats

Nebo specializes in guiding people through the creation of a unique and motivating vision that will serve as a "north star" for participants long after the retreat has ended. Using our proven Vision Lab process as the basis, we collaborate with you to design the right experience for you and your group.  Participants will come away with a clear vision and a plan for moving forward. We will teach you how to use your vision as a touchstone for creating what you want.

Retreats for Rejuvenation

The pace of life today is relentless and depleting for most people. One's job offers a platform for professional growth and advancement, but it also requires an intense and continual application of energy and focus, as if you are running a marathon over years instead of miles.

In private conversations with leaders at all levels, one question keeps coming up, "Where do exhausted executives go for renewal and rejuvenation?"

Step out of the race and breathe.

Whether you are looking for a special retreat experience for an executive team or a get-away retreat with friends and colleagues, we can help. Our retreats are designed to meet the needs of your group -- and surprise and delight you. Working with you, we select a beautiful location that is a true change of pace and create an experience that will give you just what you're looking for.  We can organize your rejuvenation retreat to include learning experiences on topics such as self-mastery, communication, self-care, work-life balances, leadership presence, visioning and goal-setting. Or, we can deliver our unique "three questions" retreat that allows for freedom and flexibility by day and a dinner conversation with the group that engages one powerful question each evening.

"I want to keep the amazing feeling that I experienced at the Nebo retreat.  I'm still reliving the many ways you attended to our every need.  It was an unbelievable experience."

- Name, Title

Get away -- and come back refreshed, energized and full of fresh ideas and perspective.

Nebo retreats provide:

  • A beautiful natural setting
  • Accommodations that will provide space for resting, working, connecting and creating
  • Opportunities to experience spa services that recharge the body
  • Gourmet dining experiences that ensure that all four senses are fully satisfied

Your retreat can be as simple and rustic -- or luxurious and pampering. A tent under the stars or a full-service experience in a beautiful resort, inn or lodge. We work with you to meet your budget and create an experience you will not forget.

Contact us to learn more about Nebo retreats and let us make it easy for you.

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5/10/2017 | Kate Ebner, CEO, on retreat with faculty of Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program
Kate Ebner on retreat with faculty of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program at Bon Secours Retreat Center in Marriottsville, MD.
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3/16/2017 | Sharon Lipovsky Welcomes New Baby Boy Into the World
Nebo is extremely excited to announce that VP, Sharon Lipovsky, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Ignatius Alexander (Iggy!), on February 19.
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10/3/2016 | Nebo Welcomes Two New Team Members
Nebo is excited to introduce two new team members to our Leadership Team, Edwin Schmierer and Izzy Martens.
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