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    CC Durall

    “Coaches are your partners in transformation. coach helps you take a moment to reflect and reset. As your coach, I agree to be your confidential sounding board and join you in discussion and discovery.” For over 30 years CC has worked in and with the federal government.  Her career focus has been on examining how […]

    Vera Wilhelm

    “Great leadership in rapidly changing and complex times is always in the service of others. I am passionate about supporting leaders who want to explore their full potential and achieve personal growth when leading themselves and others through change.” Vera integrates almost 30 years of work experience in human and international development in Eastern Europe, […]

    Christopher Veal

    “I help leaders leverage greater impact by creating deeper connections through more vulnerable leadership, and I challenge them to step beyond their comfort zones.” Christopher has spent more than 25 years in leadership development, starting with his time as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. He has worked in Learning & Development in […]

    Chris Thyberg

    “Your desire to lead with excellence is calling you to lean into your growing edge with courage and purpose. Together, let’s build a coaching partnership that opens new possibilities for the creative, visionary choices that matter most to you.” With 30-plus years of serving C-suite executives as an in-house strategist and change-agent, Chris knows firsthand […]

    Anne Steen

    “We spend a lot of time in our heads.  I see coaching as a way to clarify what’s important and move from thoughts to action. From there, we work together to explore strategies, map options, and walk the steps toward growth and greater impact.” As an accomplished leader in the nonprofit sector for over 25 […]

    Michelle Somerday

    “I have an innate belief in the inherent and diverse capabilities of each individual and a passion for helping people realize their strengths.” Michelle is educated as an engineer and scientist and began her career in academia, where she started her journey of supporting others in their development. She transitioned to the corporate world and […]

    Marcy Schwab

    “We are all a product of our experiences.” Marcy brings over 20 years of experience as a senior executive, management consultant, facilitator, and leadership coach to every client engagement. She is a respected business executive who has earned a reputation for delivering significant results in complex organizations. Throughout Marcy’s corporate career she successfully managed large […]

    Nancy Reller

    “I’ve always loved the phrase ‘finding the heart of what matters’ and as a coach, the exploration into one’s inner wisdom, discovering what matters to her/him/them, is not only inspiring, it’s also the fuel for authentic, resilient leadership. I consider my coaching partnerships to be deeply sacred spaces where insights, learning, and growth are fostered.” […]

    Kimberley Lewis Parsons

    “Great teams are at the root of business results, and great leaders can use the full power of their leadership to fuel, not frustrate, the effectiveness of their teams.” As a highly sought-after team coach, executive coach, and master facilitator, Kimberley partners with leaders to establish a shared vision, build collaborative practices, navigate organizational tensions, […]

    Robert Oberleitner

    “What a leader says and does matters and impacts the entire organization.”  As an engineer, Bob had always been interested in how things work and how they work together within the overall system. That curiosity and understanding helped him succeed during his time as a senior executive where his focus was people, communication, and coaching. […]

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