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    Tracy Carmen-Jones

    “Growth happens from the inside out.” Tracy Carmen-Jones is a firm believer in the idea that individuals and organizations can consistently reach higher levels of performance by developing future-oriented strategies, cultivating skills and sharpening interpersonal behaviors.  Drawing from her experience as a well-rounded, results-oriented business leader and management consultant with extensive experience in corporate environments […]

    Emily Grandinetta

    “Self-awareness is a powerful lever for creating choice in our lives. As a coach, I help clients move from awareness to action and greater impact personally and professionally. The most rewarding moments for me are when clients see how they block their own light, throw open the blinds, step forward and shine.” As a behavioral […]

    Kim Grabovsky

    “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”- Marcel Proust As a Master Certified Coach (MCC), Kim champions a range of multicultural professionals, from emerging leaders to senior executives, to maximize their global impact through strengths-based coaching.  Kim is committed to empowering her clients to better understand […]

    Monica Panas

    “I believe that insightful and beneficial coaching can be also an interesting and enjoyable experience that stays with the client and keeps on giving.” Monica is a former senior corporate leader and a management board member with experience in international and multicultural business environments. She worked in banking, corporate finance, business controlling, and leadership development. […]

    Vinay Kumar

    “When a computer’s Internal Operating System (IOS) is upgraded, everything on it runs better and performance increases dramatically.  Similarly, every leader has a unique IOS that may require upgrades as the complexity of experienced challenges increases.” Rising from humble beginnings, Vinay Kumar has grown into a leadership coach and thought leader with over 35 years […]

    Sheryl Phillips

    “Through my work and everything I do, I aim to bring forth positive change in the world.” Sheryl D. Phillips, a leadership consultant and executive coach, has partnered with leaders for over 25 years to create more effective and forward-thinking organizations.  She works at the individual, team and system level providing executive coaching, leadership development, […]

    Friderike Butler

    “Clients and colleagues have told me that I have the gift of ‘seeing the mighty oak tree in an acorn and giving it what it needs to grow.’  I enjoy serving as a catalyst for discovering hidden potential and nurturing growth through thoughtful partnering conversations. Witnessing the transformation of ideas into bold action that brings […]

    Lorraine Gordon Headshot

    Lorraine Gordon

    “My work has always been focused on improving the well-being of individuals and communities by advocating for connection, belonging, social justice, women’s empowerment and the resiliency of the human spirit/heart.”   Lorraine Gordon has worked as a senior people leader, executive coach, and facilitator in the housing, healthcare, and social and community impact industries for […]

    Ingrid Jackson Headshot

    Ingrid Jackson

    “Each leader faces a unique set of dynamics. Through thoughtful inquiry, I create an inclusive environment to explore and process ideas and support leaders in pinpointing what empowers them and how to create impactful action.” As a former competitive elite Alpine ski racer, Ingrid knows that high performers do not do it alone. They surround […]

    Sandra Martínez

    “Much of coaching is about activating the curiosity and courage of the client to explore beyond their current (and perhaps less conscious) ways of thinking and acting so that they may grow to become more resilient and effective leaders.” Sandra believes in an individual’s capacity to expand their awareness and to learn to thrive amid […]