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    Leslie Altizer

    “I have been honored to work with several organizational leaders who motivated and engaged me. The common threads across these leaders were their empathy, transparency, and professionalism.”   Leslie is Vice President of Sales & Client Experience. As a member of Nebo’s leadership team, he serves as the primary architect of Nebo’s approach to sales and […]

    Nancy McGuire Choi

    “My passion is cultivating next-generation leaders who can navigate the complexity of today’s world with humility and compassion, and model their values in everyday moments, small and big.” As Chief Operating Officer Nancy focuses on developing all aspects of the company to position Nebo for its next level of strategic growth, nationally and globally, and […]

    Alice Chen-Taylor

    “At Nebo, we deeply care about the leaders and organizations that we serve. I am most excited about supporting the success of leaders to make an impact at mission-driven organizations. ​​It’s a joy to be part of an organization that helps develop more effective and efficient leaders and create a more inclusive world.” Alice is […]

    Kyle Simmons

    “Carefully curated and well-executed program experiences augment strong content in a way that nothing else can. Watching the learning ‘click’ for participants in programs we create never gets old for me.” Kyle is Senior Manager, Client Experience, where he manages a variety of client engagements, and works closely with Nebo Vice Presidents to build and […]

    Shayla Bruce

    “I joined Nebo to be a part of a company that understands the value of compassion and partnership and executes it. I am looking forward to supporting my team as we tackle challenges within the leadership and coaching realm.” In her role as Nebo’s Client Services & Experience Manager, Shayla Bruce supports all aspects of […]

    Friderike Butler

    “Clients and colleagues have told me that I have the gift of ‘seeing the mighty oak tree in an acorn and giving it what it needs to grow.’  I enjoy serving as a catalyst for discovering hidden potential and nurturing growth through thoughtful partnering conversations. Witnessing the transformation of ideas into bold action that brings […]

    Lynn Levis

    “Nebo helps leaders and organizations on multiple levels: by bringing into reality an organization’s vision and goals, developing leaders and supporting their successes, and challenging people to grow personally and professionally. I’m so grateful to play a part in this impact.” As Vice President of Client Experience, Lynn partners with senior leaders to design and […]

    Anne Foley

    “Witnessing and facilitating the process of growth – whether for an individual, a team, or an organization – is inspiring and humbling. I am personally and professionally dedicated to fostering this process.” As Chief of Staff, Anne acts as a “connector” within The Nebo Company, working closely with Kate Ebner and Erin Gregg to unify […]

    Kyra Butler

    Kyra Butler

    “I am grateful to be part of a company that has such a strong collaborative environment and an authentic passion for leadership development. I enjoy being able to contribute to the mission of developing leadership, resilience, and innovation.” In her role as Client Experience Manager, Kyra supports clients and facilitators in the design, delivery and […]

    Luke Peters

    Luke Peters

    “One of the traits that is often used to describe a great leader is visionary. I am humbled to have a front row seat to so many visionaries as we take part in helping them articulate their visions back to their organizations and to the world.” Luke Peters joined The Nebo Company in 2019 as […]