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Vision Lab

"Thank you for helping me navigate to the next exciting chapter in life.  You helped me make my vision real!"

- Senior Vice President, Communications, Fortune 500 Company

Ready to create a vision of your own? Try our "Create Your Vision" exercise. Your responses to our guiding questions will be emailed to you when you press "submit."  To begin, CLICK HERE.

A creative and practical approach to delivering breakthrough results.

"Make your vision real" speaks to our area of core expertise — helping leaders articulate and crystallize a vision, translate that vision into a detailed and motivating plan and then step into purposeful action to deliver on the vision.

Nebo's visioning processes are used by CEOs, executive teams, Boards, department heads and individuals. 

We call this process "Vision Lab" because of the blend of creative thinking, experimentation and piloting of new approaches that this work evokes.

Nebo encourages visions that foster more humane and effective leadership. Our process invites greater understanding and tolerance among people as well as reflection on how we can be more thoughtful as stewards of our natural resources.

We enjoy helping people articulate visions that bring about more fulfilling and rewarding ways of living and working.

You, the Visionary Leader

The Visionary Leader Retreat

Visioning is a process for creating the life you want. Our Visionary Leader retreat is often requested by individuals who want to clarify their visions, whether for work or for life. We design and deliver very special, private, customized experiences to meet the needs and budgets of individuals and small groups.

For more information, ask about the Visionary Leader retreat and let us design a visioning session just for you.

Our Offer to Leaders and Teams

We invite leaders of corporations, organizations, teams and communities to step boldly towards the future you really want.

Find a better way of bringing about desired results through people and processes. Vision Lab provides a proven method for crystallizing a powerful vision and establishing a realistic and strategic plan. Our process is fun, engaging, practical, and highly interactive. You will get to know your colleagues better — and will find it easy to align your work with your new clarity about what success looks like.

Vision Lab is a productive and focused experience that yields a motivating vision for your business and the plan to make it real. The process includes on-going support to ensure momentum, sustained results and full team engagement.

The Vision Lab Process

With vision work, the magic ingredient is the process.

Step One:  Preparation

  • Nebo guides you in preparing for the visioning experience. We help you determine the relevant information and materials that will best support your visioning process. We provide direction about how to get ready for a visioning experience. 

Step Two:  Storytelling...Up until now

  • We listen carefully as you tell the story of "up until now" — how you have arrived at the current moment. Your Nebo coaches or facilitators will help you hear your story anew — and identify the powerful themes and history that are the backdrop for your vision. 

Step Three:  Visioning

  • Relax and enjoy the experience of connecting with your vision. We will design this process expressly for you and the unique goals that you bring to the Vision Lab experience. Nebo coaches will guide you in a creative process that yields powerful insights, an inspiring vision and a new perspective about the future.  

Step Four:  Exploring what is needed to make the vision real

  • After the visioning experience, we use a blend of coaching methods and strategic frameworks to identify what you will need to address as you begin to manifest your vision.  The goal of this step is to ground the vision in the reality of today — and call out how the present circumstances can support or sabotage the vision.

Step Five:   Strategy + Plan

  • We work with you to build a strategic planning document that will serve to guide you as you move towards your vision. This planning document includes goals, critical milestones and actions required in order to get there. 

Step Six:   Moving towards the Vision 

  • We know that the process continues within you after the Vision Lab experience has concluded, so we've designed a supportive coaching process to support momentum and ensure that you are able to realize your vision.

Vision Lab Case Studies

Create Your Vision

Free for you! Get started on your own vision with this quick and easy 6-question visioning exercise.

You will receive your vision statement in your email immediately once you click 'Submit'. Just click here to begin.

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