Chris Thyberg
Leadership Coach


“Your desire to lead with excellence is calling you to lean into your growing edge with courage and purpose. Together, let’s build a coaching partnership that opens new possibilities for the creative, visionary choices that matter most to you.”

With 30-plus years of serving C-suite executives as an in-house strategist and change-agent, Chris knows firsthand that today’s leaders are under immense pressure to excel individually and grow their teams to deliver greater performance. His expertise in coaching at the edge helps leaders gain clarity and conviction through a thought-provoking, co-creative process that expands leaders’ capabilities for skillful, effective action as they show up with presence and passion.

In working with seasoned executives and rising leaders across many sectors, Chris has supported highly talented people at key inflection points along the arc of leadership. And he knows first-hand that his clients have what it takes to develop greater capacities for personal and professional excellence. With Chris, leaders pursue lasting positive change from the inside-out, break reactive patterns, and start to lead in a centered, agile way that others want to follow.

Chris loves partnering with clients to lead themselves well in service to their desired outcomes. He partners with leaders as whole persons using a wide range of tools and approaches to the coaching process. Chris’ passion that people flourish in their distinct gifting animates his work with leaders to address the complexities of identity, power, and culture necessary for high-functioning organizations to benefit all their stakeholders.

Clients consistently experience Chris as serious and light-hearted, results-driven and deeply relational, and challenging and compassionate. Above all, Chris honors each client’s life-experience and leadership journey. Clients, in turn, gain access to a broader range of ways to show up in service to their teams.


  • Before entering coaching, 30+ years of leadership experience serving as a senior director, intrapreneur, program creator and team builder, adjunct faculty, instructional designer and team lead for major universities and global nonprofits, providing successful change management, strategic design, and program delivery.
  • A decade in leadership development with purpose-centered for-profit firms, educational institutions, nonprofits, and public sector agencies.

Education, Certifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Wheaton College)
  • Graduate studies in Philosophy (University of Pittsburgh)
  • International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching (Georgetown University)
  • Foundations and Practices of Servant Leadership, The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership
  • Assessment Certifications: Leadership Circle Profile 360, Gallup StrengthsFinder, EQi2.0 / EQ360, M•CODE (the Motivated Abilities Pattern), Leadership Perspectives+ 360, and Three Vital Questions: TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic).


  • Married for over four decades, Chris and his spouse renew with home-cooked meals, eclectic reading, outdoor adventure, and traveling extensively for work and pleasure in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.
  • Enjoys whiskey and cigar night with his two sons, fancy coffee with his daughter, and all kinds of music from ambient electronica to zydeco.
  • Chris’ family has lived for nearly forty years in an under-resourced Pittsburgh neighborhood as part of a vibrant, diverse community seeking equitable housing, employment, and education.

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