Izzy Martens headshot

Izzy Martens
Client Experience Manager


“I love to watch those who are skeptical about our work shift their mindset. Often, we’ll start a workshop with a group of professionals who might feel skeptical about the experience, but by the end of the day they have a new outlook on their lives and careers, with tools and motivations to make positive changes.”

In her role as Client Experience Manager, Izzy is responsible for ensuring that our clients get the best Nebo experience each time.  Her role involves communicating with clients about their expectations and needs, tracking and managing client engagements and deliverables, and liaising across our team so clients have a seamless experience.  Izzy enjoys being part of the positive changes that can happen through our work. In 2018, Izzy completed her 200 HR certification with Yoga Alliance to become a registered yoga teacher. Izzy believes in the positive impact of incorporating yoga and mindfulness into the work day for improved results, effectiveness and enhanced well-being. She often leads mindfulness exercises during facilitations and offers workplace yoga and meditation classes. When not at work, Izzy enjoys writing, teaching and practicing yoga, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

Izzy graduated from Colorado State University (CSU) with a B.A. in English and a minor in Media Studies. She was the Managing Editor of CSU’s literary journal, The Greyrock Review. Izzy is a 200 HR RYT. 

Izzy’s Nebo: “My Nebo is at the summit of Mount Sanitas in Boulder, CO. When I’m on the summit looking out into the world, I feel most connected to my roots and the person I really want to be.”

Izzy’s values: Physical and mental well-being, family and friends, care for the environment, and love.

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