Kate Ebner

Kate Ebner
CEO, Founder & Leadership Coach


My personal philosophy is quite simply ‘yes, you can.’  I help my clients ensure that they are saying yes to what they really want and believe in.  As a coach,  I blend aspirations with practical actions so that my clients not only articulate a vision, but also can make it real.”

Kate Ebner blends deep experience as a change leader in high performance organizations as well as a lifelong commitment to the mastery of the coaching process in her approach to leadership coaching.  After more than two decades of leading organizations first hand, she grasps the challenges of leading from direct personal experience.  Kate forms partnerships with her clients to help them navigate real life challenges, both professional and personal. Her clients appreciate her strategic perspective, steady encouragement and the positive sense of accountability that she provides for leaders as they travel the path towards realizing their goals.  

Kate typically works with senior executive leaders and C-level leaders in a range of industries and especially enjoys working with people who must initiate important changes and implement a strategic vision.  A “thought partner” to her clients, Kate taps into her knowledge of transformational change when coaching, drawing upon what she has learned in her role as Founding Director of Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership (ITL)  and her role as a leadership educator there.  She has more than two decades of experience working at the intersection of vision, strategy and leadership and is the creator of Nebo’s well proven visioning process.  


  • More than 20 years of experience in envisioning, leading and implementing change
  • Specializes in teaching and coaching leaders how to create, live and lead with authenticity, vision and presence that engenders credibility
  • Kate authored “Coaching for Leverage,” a chapter in On Becoming a Leadership Coach
  • Host of Internet radio program, Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life, on VoiceAmerica Business
  • Founding Director of the Institute for Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University
  • Served in a change leadership role as a dean at Middlebury College
  • Served as Senior Vice President of an international strategy consulting firm


  • Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching (Georgetown University)
  • Bachelor of Arts in English (Middlebury College)


  • Enjoys spending time at Lake Nebo in the Adirondack Mountains of New York