Kimberley Lewis Parsons
Leadership Coach

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“Great teams are at the root of business results, and great leaders can use the full power of their leadership to fuel, not frustrate, the effectiveness of their teams.”

As a highly sought-after team coach, executive coach, and master facilitator, Kimberley partners with leaders to establish a shared vision, build collaborative practices, navigate organizational tensions, and enhance team trust that enables teams to reach higher levels of performance and results.

Beginning her career as an IT professional in the Finance industry, Kimberley held various roles – initially as a developer progressing to senior leader of Agile delivery teams – that underscored the importance of effective team interactions and savvy leadership. On the fast track to greater responsibilities, Kimberley was selected to participate in a nine-month leadership coaching program for Women Leaders in Tech and the power of coaching ignited her own passion to help leaders grow. She emerged with a desire to make “great people”—not “great code”—her ultimate deliverable.

Since then, Kimberley has focused her career on talent development, developing team effectiveness, developing and executing strategy, and maximizing talent potential across industries, including Tech, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Publishing, and non-profit organizations. She strongly focuses on producing sustained results by using refreshing candor and creative approaches grounded in measurable business results to help spark insight and transformation.

Kimberley’s coaching clients say they appreciate the way she creates a space for them to reflect, explore, and go deep so that their insights can emerge through her quiet reflection, probing questions, and direct communication.  Clients that experience Kimberley’s facilitation often say she brings a high level of energy and passion that engages participants and that her structured approach and focus on achieving practical outcomes helps them walk away with their needs met.   


  • 20 years of corporate experience in the Tech/Finance industry as a leader, team member, business partner/consultant, and strategic change agent
  • 13 years of coaching, facilitating, consulting, and learning & development
  • 4 years of experience as Faculty and a Co-Director in Georgetown Universities’ prestigious Institute of Transformational Leadership, Executive Leadership Coaching Certification Program
  • Lead Program Designer and Faculty Member of the Corentus Suite of Team Coaching Courses and Certificate Program
  • Co-Architected and implemented the vision of Capital One’s Tech College, an industry-leading learning model to continuously skill internal tech talent

Education, Training and Certifications

  • Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching (Georgetown University)
  • BBA and MS in Computer Information Systems (Georgia Southern University, Virginia Commonwealth University, respectively)
  • BBA in Business Management (Georgia Southern University)
  • international Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Team Coaching Certificate (Corentus)
  • Assessment Certifications: Leadership Circle Profile 360, Collective Leadership Assessment, Personalysis Profile, Key Polarities Indicator Assessment, Team Management Systems


When not immersed in work, Kimberley enjoys: 

  • Finding creative ways to “make memories” with her husband and young son
  • Leading, serving, and collaborating in her faith community
  • Experimenting with turning classic meat dishes meatless while keeping all the yum
  • Seeking outdoor time as much as possible to energize and center

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