Lisa Baker
Leadership Coach


“We all have an area of greatness where our strengths, passions, and purpose converge. When we lead from that extraordinary place, we are our most powerful, authentic selves.”

Lisa is a former corporate executive who worked her way up the ladder at Fortune 500 companies. Her leadership and management skills were highly regarded, and she was widely recognized as a driver of exceptional results. After a 30-year career in corporate America, Lisa retired to pursue what she is most passionate about helping up-and-coming professional women own their power and communicate their worth with confidence so they can dream big and reach their goals.

Lisa has always been a generous and compassionate mentor and champion for women in the workplace, especially women of color. She knows what it takes to get to the top and is aware of the pitfalls so she is uniquely qualified to help high achievers break through any real or perceived barriers to reach those coveted leadership positions. 

Lisa coaches with her whole self and brings everything she’s learned through life, love, and hard work to guide her clients through self-discovery and accountability. Using Positive Psychology principles, Lisa coaches her clients to build on their best qualities to ensure they thrive in leadership and life. She listens more than she talks and communicates candidly, asking deep questions designed to reveal her client’s true strengths, fears, and desired outcomes. 

With her empathetic nature, Lisa makes instant and authentic connections with her clients as they go right to the heart of the matter. She creates a safe space for self-exploration with a results-driven mindset focused on the beautiful future her clients can design for themselves.


  • More than two decades of leadership experience in Fortune 500 corporations, with expertise in the financial services and enterprise IT sectors. 
  • Consistently developed high-performing teams that delivered recording-breaking results in sales and marketing initiatives. 
  • As an SVP General Manager, Lisa managed a multi-billion-dollar portfolio and led cross-functional teams to launch new products, grow revenue, and improve client retention rates

Education, Training and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Saint Louis University)
  • Certified Personal and Executive Coach (Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute)
  • International Coaching Federation Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Master Certified Financial Coach (Ramsey Solutions)
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate (University of South Florida MUMA College of Business)
  • Assessment Certifications: Leadership Circle Profile 360


  • As a woman of faith, Lisa finds joy and fulfillment serving in non-profit women’s ministry
  • Lisa and her husband enjoy traveling around the world to experience the cultural differences that make us unique, along with the commonalities we share as humans
  • Her favorite way to spend time is with her precious grandchildren to whom she is known only as GiGi.


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