Paige Eldridge

Paige Eldridge
Leadership Coach


People often limit themselves to using their brain when they are looking for solutions to sticky situations. I help my clients access their whole arsenal of knowing – head, heart and gut.”

Building on her own professional experiences as a corporate lawyer known for skillfully navigating complex legal hurdles, Paige now enjoys working with leaders who are working through tough organizational realities and who seek to expand their influence through positive, productive relationships. Many of her clients are facing challenging changes and seek to take on a more authentic, confident stance to motivate and inspire the people they lead. With her genuine curiosity and positive energy, Paige partners with her clients to figure out how to leverage their strengths and adapt their leadership competencies to fully thrive in their current situations.

While outgoing and engaging herself, Paige easily relates to and adapts to her clients’ preferred communication style. She nudges analytical thinkers outside of their comfort zones to move away from linear problem solving into integrative systems thinking. Paige creatively disrupts old thinking patterns and conceives new perspectives together with her clients. She supports her clients in setting healthy boundaries for themselves and others within the constraints of an organizational system. She helps clients to find the sweet spot of marginal return of energy and time to create positive impact without burning out, especially for leaders in mission-focused organizations.

Paige is also passionate about coaching women to succeed in leadership roles, and she has served as a consultant and advisor to the Women in Technology (WIT) Mentor Protégé Program where she facilitated orientation sessions, panel discussions and mentor matching.


  • Over 15 years of experience in the field of coaching
  • Advisor to Women in Technology’s Mentor Protégé Program as well as Georgetown University’s Mentor Coaching Program
  • Extensive experience coaching clients on effective communication, executive presence, work-life balance and career transition
  • Nearly 15 years as an associate and counsel in Biglaw with specialties in both information technology transactions and commercial real estate law

Education, Training and Certifications

  • Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching (Georgetown University)
  • Juris Doctor (College of William and Mary)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics (University of Virginia)
  • Assessment Certifications: Leadership Circle Profile 360


  • A former competitive figure skater who is always eager for time on the ice
  • Cultivates inner awareness through her daily yoga practice


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