Randy Chittum

Randy Chittum
Leadership Coach & Facilitator


There is something gratifying about the human condition and being reminded that people can change and be more and be bigger. It’s easy to forget this. Through coaching, we realize we don’t have to be who we’ve been.”

Randy Chittum likes to say he is at his best “when playing in traffic.” Comfortable with complexity, Randy gets fired up about working with senior leaders on challenges that are strategic, visionary, and systemic. In his work with clients, Randy draws upon his nearly 10 years of experience reporting to the CEO of a large company. He has developed a deep well of compassion for the challenges leaders face as they make change in their organizations.

Randy has always been a wanderer and his philosophy is to follow the learning. He is genuinely curious and encourages his clients to hold things lightly and not take themselves so seriously.  Randy has spent years practicing and integrating mindfulness into his work as he sees mindfulness as the antidote for complexity. He is driven by the instinct that you can make the world better by working in service of people.


  • Over 25 years of experience in the field of coaching and leadership development
  • Specializes in both leadership development (individual and team coaching, workshops) and organization development (team and system-level intervention)
  • Has created and managed all aspects of the infrastructure that support leadership growth such as competency models, 360 assessments, development planning, and succession planning
  • Co-Director of the Executive Certificate in Transformational Leadership Program at Georgetown University
  • Faculty member at Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program
  • Works with senior leaders in organizations, from large corporations to those in the public sector

Education, Training and Certifications

  • PhD in Psychology (University of Northern Colorado)
  • Master in Counseling (University of Maryland College Park)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (Longwood University)
  • Neuroleadership Certification (The Neuroleadership Institute)
  • Polarity Approach for Continuity & Transformation (PACT®)
  • Team Coaching Certification (One21fine and the Miro Group)
  • Assessment certifications: Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI), Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi 2.0), FIRO-B, MBTI, Team Conversation Norms Diagnostic, The Leadership Circle Instruments/ LCP 360, Strong Interest Inventory


  • Enjoys spending time with his wife and their dog, Daisy
  • Has lived abroad in Japan, India, and Nepal studying mindfulness and leadership


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