Sandra Martínez
Leadership Coach


“My coaching is about activating the curiosity and courage of the client to explore beyond their current (and perhaps less conscious) ways of thinking and acting so that they may grow to become more resilient and effective leaders.”

Drawing on her experience in the arts and sciences, Sandra has successfully supported individual leaders and teams in expanding their awareness and range of leadership behavior to lead effectively in the complexity of today’s world.  She challenges clients to act to realize their objectives while creating a safe space of trust and confidence for clients to experiment with new behavior, explore broader and diverse perspectives, deepen their capacity for meaningful communication, and cultivate good judgement. She has successfully supported clients to develop through a myriad of challenges, including; a) shifting from a more technical expert orientation to learning to exert influence at scale as strategic leaders; b) leading organizational cultural change from a more hierarchical model to a more innovative, participative, and customer-oriented one, and c) redefining job to continue with excellent performance while reducing levels of stress and igniting energy and joy.  She is a quick study in discerning the client’s business context and organizational dynamics.

Sandra has worked as an organizational consultant for over 20 years.  Fifteen years ago, she began her coaching practice supporting senior leaders in national security as Defense Transformation Chair at the US Army War College, expanding through the years to work with many different government agencies. She focuses her individual and team coaching practice on senior leaders in national and global organizations in healthcare, pharma, technology, and other industries in which innovation is key and professionals are science-based or have deep professional expertise. Sandra’s coaching clients remark on her warmth, how she tailors her approach and the processes and frameworks she uses to their needs, and her deep capacity to support them in realizing positive changes and development in their leadership behavior and professional goals.

Sandra is an avid amateur pianist and sometimes uses her experience in the arts to inspire deeper awareness and shifts in behavior.  For example, she offers a workshop in Jazz Improvisation as a Metaphor for Leadership in a Complex World.


  • 15 years coaching senior and executive leaders in the US and abroad in government agencies, healthcare, technology, pharma, consumer products, and other science-based industries
  • 20 years as a consultant in organizational culture, change and strategy in the public, private, and non-profit sectors
  • Adjunct instructor and researcher, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Defense Transformation Chair, former faculty member, US Army War College
  • Published author on leadership in international journals and book chapters
  • 3 years working in Latin America supporting female entrepreneurs and regional family businesses

Education, Training and Certification

  • P.H.D., Business Administration, New Mexico State University
  • M.A., International Management and Latin American Studies, University of New Mexico
  • B.A., Music, Colorado Women’s College (now University of Denver)
  • Certificate in Piano, Royal Conservatory of Madrid
  • International Coaching Federation, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Assessor/Scorer for Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP), measuring adult stage development (vertical development)
  • Polarity Mastery Program
  • Assessment Certifications: Leadership Circle Profile, MBTI, FIRO-B, EQi, Enneagram


  • Avid pianist playing classical favorites and learning jazz
  • Before coaching and consulting career, owned and directed a gallery of contemporary art representing contemporary U.S. and Mexican artists
  • Fluent in Spanish

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