Vinay Kumar
Leadership Coach & Facilitator

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“Our inner game runs the outer game.  Therefore, inner growth leads to outer growth.”

The above quote captures the essence of Vinay’s coaching philosophy. At the heart of Vinay’s approach is to challenge beliefs that limit effectiveness, mine untapped strengths, and work to deepen self-awareness while becoming more sensitive to how others experience the client as a leader.

Rising from humble beginnings, Vinay now looks back on more than 35 years of practical business, managerial, and leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies, Small Business and the Federal Government, which includes Gulf Oil Corporation and the US Environmental Protection Agency. Vinay’s pragmatic business acumen, cultural awareness, understanding of leadership impact, and hands-on experience in the entire business continuum, from sales through delivery and service, have prepared him to be a sought-after thought partner for senior leaders.

Vinay is a deep thinker who helps his clients look for systematic solutions to complex problems and challenges. Clients who partner with Vinay often discover outworn beliefs and narratives and ways of being that are no longer serving them. As they begin to examine, challenge, and rewrite their beliefs and author new narratives, they become more effective and create better outcomes – in all aspects of their lives, professionally and personally.  Clients have reported that working with Vinay helped them become more competent and confident in delegating, initiating, and engaging in difficult conversations, speaking up, managing conflict, giving feedback, and holding others accountable.

Leaders often tell Vinay how much they appreciate his calm, thoughtful and attentive presence, deep listening, and ability to reflect back on what he is hearing as he supports leaders in growing and transforming from the inside out. A senior executive client recently summed it up: “Vinay has made me a better leader by helping me deepen my understanding of myself and translate that understanding into more effective relationships with others.”


  • Various leadership and executive management roles in the public and private sector
  • Over 35 years of experience working with leaders both domestically and internationally in US, Israel, India, South Africa, Costa Rica, Austria, and elsewhere around the world
  • Adjunct faculty at the Center for Excellence in Public Leadership at the George Washington University
  • Faculty at The Leadership Circle
  • Co-author of “Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence” (2018) and 57 Ways to Love Your Customers: Love ‘em or Lose ‘Em (2014)

Education, Training and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (University of Maryland)
  • Graduate of Georgetown University’s Certificate in Leadership Coaching Program
  • Graduate of Newfield Network’s coaching program
  • International Coach Federation, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Assessment Certifications: Leadership Circle Profile 360, Collective Leadership Assessment, Leadership System, Emotional and Social Competency Inventory 360, EQi 2.0 and EQ 360 Certification, Hogan, Polarity Approach for Continuity & Transformation (PACT®)


  • Lives in Northern Virginia with his wife.  He has two grown daughters
  • Enjoys traveling, hiking in the mountains, and conducting free medical missions overseas with his wife

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