A recently promoted vice president engaged a Nebo coach to work with her as she stepped into a big new role with high visibility and high stakes for success.

After landing a new position in a company with a demanding high performance culture, this leader decided to work with a coach to ensure that she would make a smart, smooth transition and “hit the ground running.”  Over the course of her first twelve months in the role, she met regularly with the coach. With the support of her coach, she identified the knowledge and networks that would be essential to her success in the role.  Her coach provided valuable resources on how to enter a new organization that supported what she was learning about herself and the transition and buoyed her confidence. By setting a leadership agenda for her first year, the vice president focused on not only making a smooth transition into the company, but demonstrating an early track record of “wins” that established her credibility.

Individual Coaching
This coaching engagement called for work in a number of areas, from understanding how to “onboard” into a new organization and role to working on how to establish credibility and influence in a new environment.  The coach brought distinctions about leadership presence, team-building and helped the vice president “catch herself” in critical self-talk that had the potential to derail her early on.

Ongoing Support
The vice president and her coach met 15 times over the course of twelve months. Sessions were conducted in person and virtually.   Her coach was available by email and phone during the coaching engagement.  The vice president often sent quick updates or asked for brief 10-min check-in conversations to prepare for important meetings and events.  The coach provided numerous resources that were closely aligned with the leader’s transition – from Ted Talks, articles and books to referrals that supported physical health and wellbeing.

As a result of the work with Nebo, the VP had a great first year in her role, which resulted in new opportunities and the confidence of senior leadership. By aligning her own transition and development with her business goals, she used coaching to ensure that she would demonstrate success through results and a mature, resilient leadership presence.

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