A senior brand and marketing executive approached The Nebo Company for leadership coaching. Her goals were to develop clarity of focus and purpose for her career, business and life at a time when challenges and opportunities in all areas were expanding.

Over the course of 10 coaching sessions, the executive and her coach focused their conversations on navigating through a career change and finding balance in her work and home life. For perspective, analysis, and feedback, she completed the DISC/PIAV assessment and a 360-degree review process, which her coach helped her to interpret, apply, and turn into tangible development goals.

Individual Coaching
In preparation for her individual coaching, her Nebo coach provided helpful support in the form of articles on how to make the most of coaching and helped her to assess where she was currently in her career and life and what she wanted to focus on and improve upon through her coaching. During the coaching, the client and coach took a dual approach, focusing on defining success both at work and at home. This strategy enabled the leader to develop a plan of daily action for thriving in both places.

Ongoing Support
The executive and her coach met twice a month over the course of six months. Sessions were conducted by phone, in person, and via video conference. Her coach and the Nebo team were available to her via email and phone during her coaching engagement, and on a monthly basis after the engagement ended at her request.

Visioning Work
The executive re-engaged The Nebo Company to continue her coaching, this time revolving around a specific visioning process. The objectives for this coaching were for her to focus on her vision and strategy for the future and to crystallize that vision. This engagement included two 90 minutes coaching sessions and a full day of visioning and strategic planning plus follow-up work.

As a result of the work with Nebo and her own personal commitment to leadership development, she has led an inspiring and fulfilling career. As a result of her visioning work, she decided to open her own brand consulting practice. This big step led to a senior executive role at one of the largest media companies in the U.S., where she heads several strategic business units. She has not only landed in a place in her career where she feels happy, but she continues to utilize the practices gained from her coaching experience and prioritizes her family life even as she leads at a high level.

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