The CEO of a non-profit engaged a Nebo coach to work with him to bring a sharper focus to his own leadership while working on building a high performing executive team, which included long-time as well as new leaders.

During his six-month coaching engagement, the CEO and his coach redefined the CEO job, taking a close look at his expectations of himself and of his team.  With the support of his coach, he clarified his priorities for the organization and chose two areas of critical focus for his own development as CEO. The CEO benefitted from five “stakeholder interviews” that his coach conducted with direct reports and Board members, leading to fresh insights and underscoring areas of focus for him.

Individual Coaching
Before finalizing his choice of coach, Nebo introduced three qualified coach candidates to him.  After interviewing each one, the CEO made his choice, after some consultation with Nebo about the best fit.  Within a few weeks of selection, the coaching process began, ensuring that he would have the needed support in as quickly as possible.  Prior to the first session, the coach sent “getting started with your Nebo coach” materials that ensured a smooth process and a sense of readiness for the engagement.

Ongoing Support
The executive and his coach met roughly twice a month over the course of six months. Sessions were conducted in person, at his request.  His coach was available by email and phone during the coaching engagement, and on a monthly basis after the engagement ended at his request.  Subsequent to the coaching work, the CEO requested coaching for members of his team as well as leadership development workshops to build team cohesiveness.

As a result of the work with Nebo, the CEO gained confidence, focus and renewed energy for his role, even as he turned his attention to the development of a strong, cohesive leadership team.  With greater self-awareness and understanding of what his organization required most from him, he provided better direction and support to his direct reports, a commitment that led to advances for the organization internally and in its business results.

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