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    Finding Balance and Strategy: Coaching Questions for Leaders

    Leadership coaching provides a confidential and supportive space for leaders to share their boldest visions and darkest fears.  Coaching allows leaders to shape emerging ideas, work through uncertainty and find a path forward.

    As a leader, have you taken the time to reflect on what is needed from you now? If not, we invite you to take a moment to consider how you are doing as a leader and how best to “show up” for others. Give yourself a five-minute break, pick a writing tool, and reflect on these four coaching questions to help you find your way.

    Question 1: What kind of leadership does your organization need from you right now (spring 2020)?

    Question 2: Knowing this frightening time won’t last forever, what adjustments do you need to make to your 2020 goals in order to be realistic and provide meaningful focus for your team?

    Question 3: It is 2021 and the Covid-19 crisis has passed.  Looking back, what are you proud of about how you handled that uncertain time?

    Question 4: Consider your organization’s values. When you look at the decisions that you face, how do those values help you understand how to proceed? What does it look like to lead from those values?

    Delivered virtually, coaching is a conversation for action that can help you bring the leadership needed, make hard decisions and communicate effectively, no matter what the message is.

    For information about 1-on-1 leadership coaching or team coaching, contact us at [email protected]

    Our seasoned leadership coaches are ready and available to work with you immediately.  We are arranging shorter, focused coaching engagements to aid leaders who are adapting rapidly to current events and seek more intensive support.


    Is NOW the Right Time for Leadership Coaching?

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