Leadership Principles

At Nebo, we are students of the future, immersed in the transformative work of preparing leaders and organizations for today and tomorrow. Drawing upon the latest research, the wisdom and expertise of the most talented coaches and facilitators we know, and more than fifteen years of extensive collaboration with client organizations, Nebo has developed principles that unify and guide our approach to developing inspiring, effective, and resourceful leaders who are ready to meet the challenges of our times.

We each have the potential to lead.
Leaders are neither made nor born, but are developed through life experiences, mentoring, coaching, education and a multitude of other influences.
Leadership is a practice, not a position.
Leadership is a stance and an attitude towards one's self, work and others. It is a choice, not a title. You can lead from any "chair" or position.
Great leadership begins with self-awareness.
The first step to growing through leading is self-awareness. With awareness, you can see yourself in action and choose differently to be more connected and effective with others.
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Great leadership is grounded in a sufficiency mindset.
The scarcity mindset (We do not have enough budget/ talent/ etc].) is often the default. The sufficiency mindset starts with what you have and opens new possibilities.
Leaders are most effective when they adopt a "beginner's mind."
In the beginner's mindset, there are many possibilities. To the expert, there are few. Effective leaders have an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions.
Leadership presence brings together all elements of self.
Your leadership presence includes your physical appearance, energy, voice, message, effect on others, and credibility. Your presence evolves and can be cultivated with self-awareness, practice and personal development.
Listening and inquiry are central to the conversations of leaders.
Listening is a critical skill that requires careful time, attention, and practice. If you cultivate the skill properly, you will ask the questions that lead to new avenues and possibilities.
Conversation is the currency of leadership.
Leadership happens one conversation at a time. The quality of your conversations - and the questions you ask - determine what you will and will not accomplish.
Convening conversations skillfully is a requirement of modern leadership.
Leaders must know how to bring the right people together, create conditions that allow for even the most difficult and controversial topics to be aired, and then align people to move from dialogue to action together.
Vision is the defining characteristic of leadership.
Great leaders build a shared, compelling and real vision that honors the past, recognizes the reality of the present, and inspires the future.
Great leaders attend to the core and communicate its messages.
Leaders attend to and align Mission, Values, Vision, and Strategy. That is, "What is our purpose?", "What matters most to us?", "Where are we going and by when?", and "How will we get there?".
Leading change requires seeing systems, not problems.
To guide organizations through complexity, change leaders must understand influences, interrelations, and dependencies, and have the courage and the ability to work with competing priorities, ambiguity and resistance to new ways of doing things.
Leading change "grows" us.
An opportunity to lead is an invitation to grow. Our daily challenges and priorities - both large and small - are a veritable playground for learning and discovering who you are and what you are capable of.
Diversity strengthens organizations.
When organizations actively seek and welcome diversity at all levels of the organization, they open the door to cutting edge results, a distinctive culture and experiences that inspire loyalty and commitment.
Great leaders balance short, medium and long-term priorities to ensure a sustainable future.
We are the stewards of the future - not only the future of humanity but of life on earth. We are responsible for making decisions today that demonstrate care for future generations and all beings.
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