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    Making the Leap and Expanding Your Awareness

    Self awareness is THE cornerstone for development of adults. However, the phrase itself, “self awareness,” can be misleading because it sounds like self awareness is something that you have rather than something you DO.

    The essence of self awareness is noticing. Initially, when any of us aspires to become intentional about our development, the objective is expanded self awareness, or noticing things to which I had not been paying attention up until now. Whereas I didn’t know I didn’t know, in expanded awareness I know that I don’t know.

    That initial shift opens up the possibility of transformed awareness: I make the leap from expanded awareness to transformed awareness: I am now aware of possibilities were previously unavailable. I become more intentional, more reflective. Later, applied awareness kicks in. I actually develop new intentions about the future, and I explore and experiment and learn new ways to live and lead.


    Three Ways to Enhance Your Self-Awareness

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