Individual & Team Assessments

Deepen learning and expand horizons.

At the individual or team level, understanding yourself better can help you become a more effective leader. The right assessment or feedback tool delivered at the right time by an experienced coach deepens learning, expands horizons, and catalyzes change at the individual and team level.

The real value comes from working with an experienced coach or facilitator who can turn feedback and assessment into meaningful reflection, “aha” moments, and actionable development.

The gift of feedback.

Feedback is a gift and self-assessments are a safe, objective, and approachable way for leaders to be more aware of their impact on those around them. Leaders can employ feedback to cultivate their own approach that develops their team and achieves results.

People are often promoted into leadership positions or join leadership teams based on their achievements and past performance. Yet, the mindset, skills, behaviors, and perspective that served them so well can hinder their effectiveness at other stages of leadership. Self-assessments and feedback reveal strengths, gaps, and blind spots.

Context matters.

When appropriate, we incorporate assessments and feedback tools into:

  • Leadership coaching: Many of our coaching engagements incorporate the DISC & PIAV, Stakeholder Interviews and/ or the Leadership Circle 360 to complement coaching.
  • Team workshops: We work with our clients to select the right assessment or feedback tool for the team and customize workshops for maximum impact.
  • Cohort programs: Our cohort programs have included assessment and feedback tools to help organizations create a common language and develop culture.
  • Individual engagements: We provide assessments such as the Leadership Circle 360 to individual leaders without coaching. Our coaches always deliver actionable insights through a developmental lens.

In each case, our coaches work with the leader or team to interpret the results and apply it to their everyday practices to ensure positive and meaningful change.

Assessments & feedback tools

We carefully select the assessment and feedback tools for each engagement. We frequently work with:

  • Everything DiSC Assessment
  • DISC / PIAV Assessment
  • Five Functions of a Cohesive Team
  • The Leadership Circle 360 Profile
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Organizational Culture 360
  • BarOn EQI
  • Meyers-Briggs Type Instrument
  • Highlands Ability Battery
  • MAP Adult Development Assessment
  • FIRO-B Instrument

We also have experience delivering and debriefing customized or internal assessment and feedback tools.

Benefits of assessments & feedback

Done well, the benefits of assessment and feedback tools are positive and lasting:

  • Increased understanding of your impact on others and how to be more effective
  • Improved team morale
  • Proven approaches to increased self-awareness
  • Clarity about developmental focus areas
  • A common developmental language for teams and the organization


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