CEO & Senior Executive Coaching

Partners in leading.

CEOs and senior executives face complex challenges and enormous external pressures. They are highly visible, accountable, and bear enormous responsibility for achieving results.

Working with the right leadership coach—someone who is savvy about relationships, messaging, and how to manage oneself under pressure—brings substantial value. Nebo CEO coaches are trusted partners with the acumen to help a CEO or other C-level executive achieve results, balance short- and long-term priorities, and open doors to new possibilities.

Our approach

CEOs and senior executives need time and space to think strategically with a thought partner. Our coaching conversations provide the space, focus, and confidentiality to address the most important priorities while holding the big picture in view. Our CEO & Senior Executive Coaching engagements are designed to:

  • Get the context right. Context sets the stage for coaching. This means quickly understanding the pressures, challenges, and expectations of the leader. We spend time upfront to learn about the key stakeholders and grasp what’s at stake.
  • Match with the right leadership coach. Trust and rapport can make all the difference. Our coaches have substantial leadership backgrounds of their own, making them strategic sounding boards and trusted advisers. Nebo’s Coaching Services team will work with the CEO to qualify and select the right leadership coach to suit the style, needs, and challenges of the executive.
  • Adapt to schedules. At the most senior levels, time is valuable and scarce. Schedules are crowded yet unpredictable as opportunities and crises emerge. We offer tailored options that carve out the necessary time and space for reflection and visioning while maintaining the flexibility to address emerging situations. C-level leaders often appreciate off-hours coaching work, private coaching retreats, and other formats that fit with time and priorities.

C-Suite Coaching may include:

  • Coach matching and expert leadership coaching
  • Stakeholder feedback interviews and narrative 360 review
  • Review of existing assessments, evaluations
  • 1-3 coaching intensives or leadership visioning sessions
  • Regular coaching sessions, which may be combined to provide coaching intensives or retreats
  • Typically, engagements cover a 9-12-month duration and may be extended as needed
  • Access to coach during and beyond business hours
  • Impromptu and ad-hoc communication as needed
  • Leadership style assessments as appropriate

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