Mentorship & Sponsorship Programs

Start with trust. Build from there.

Mentoring and sponsorship programs are one of the most effective means to support rising leaders.

Trust is at the core of any good mentor or sponsor relationship. Our sponsorship and mentorship programs provide opportunities for rising leaders to build relationships that can transform careers. Through a combination of leadership development, relationship-matching, one-on-one conversations, and social elements, our programs will improve your organization’s retention, develop your leaders, and create a culture of development.

Benefits of mentor and sponsor relationships.

Research and experience show that participating in a mentor or sponsor relationship is a key differentiator in career success. These supportive relationships aid in the feeling of contentment and momentum in a person's career and experience within an organization. Benefits include:

Expanded Networks

Stronger Leadership Presence

Increased Visibility

Lasting Support Systems

Culture of Development

Two important yet distinct roles.

Because mentoring and sponsorship share certain characteristics and design elements, these two roles can be confused. While a mentor provides insight, advice, and counsel, a sponsor takes a more active role in supporting and advocating for the protégé around career advancement, promotion, and other strategic development opportunities.

What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship programs help build a stronger leadership pipeline and are often used to support and create opportunities for women and diverse groups. Sponsorship involves active support and advocacy by a senior leader who leverages influence and political capital to advocate for the development and advancement of a more junior employee or “protégé.”

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship between two people who share mutual responsibility and accountability for helping the mentee fulfill clear and mutually defined learning goals. Mentoring assists individuals at specific stages of development or transition. The mentoring relationship provides a developmental opportunity drawing upon a wealth of experience that is relevant to the mentee’s circumstances and can thus be of mutual benefit.

How It Works.

Our sponsorship and mentoring programs include:

  • Criteria and process to match mentors with mentees or sponsors with protégés
  • Training on how to be engaged and effective in each role
  • Formal learning events for participants, usually 3-6 half-day programs
  • One-on-one conversations
  • Social events for participants
  • Tailored to your organization’s culture, values, and brand

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