Leadership Development Programs

Leadership is a practice.

Our programs are based on the philosophy that leadership is a daily practice that requires ongoing attention and development. We help leaders see that while they are already experts at what they do, they can also approach their leadership work as “beginners,” learning daily how to adapt and improve their effectiveness. We teach not only how to “get things done” through leadership, but also “how to be” when leading. The transformative impact of our programs comes when people see new possibilities and choose action, communication, and presence—being intentional and highly effective, rather than habitual or reactive.

Developing resilient leaders.

Nebo’s custom and turnkey leadership development programs, workshops, and virtual learning experiences expand and deepen leadership capacities. Drawing on expertise in change management, organizational development, leadership coaching, and the field of human potential, we bring perspectives, solutions, and real-life experience to help organizations transform. We offer programs and workshops for leaders at all levels, including:

  • Executive leaders (SVP, Executive Director, C-level)
  • Leadership teams (All levels)
  • Senior leaders (Director/VP)
  • Rising leaders
  • Leadership programs designed for women

A Distinct Approach

Our proven curriculum is interactive and modular so it can be tailored to your culture, objectives, and preferences. We often deliver programs in a cohort style and include elements that complement, integrate, and expand learning, such as:

  • Original, proven leadership development curriculum
  • An onsite, online, or hybrid format
  • Coaching or mentoring for program participants
  • Group or team coaching
  • Learning or coaching circles
  • Individual & team assessments
  • Ongoing sponsor feedback and input
  • Online site for managing the program and materials

Master Facilitators

We select top leadership facilitators for our engagements, drawing from a carefully selected network of proven people. We choose each facilitation team with your specific goals and objectives in mind. Once the engagement begins, we welcome and seek feedback about the work of our experts throughout the engagement, ensuring that the experience delivered matches or exceeds expectations. Our facilitators are highly trained, have direct experience with the topic(s), and are masters of adult learning.

Program Modules

Over 15 years we have developed a rich body of knowledge that covers more than 40 topics to meet the needs of leaders at all levels. We incorporate and contextualize proven leadership content, innovative new concepts, and interactive design to deliver ground-breaking programs. Our programs are modular in design to fit the competencies and priorities of your organization. Popular modules include:

  • Leadership Communication
  • Understanding Behavioral Style
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Strategies for Better Self-Management
  • Leadership Presence
  • Navigating Complexity & Polarities
  • Building Influence
  • Visionary Leader
  • Leading Distributed Teams
  • Results Through Teamwork
  • Leading a Diverse Workforce
  • Mastering Change Leadership

Our programs can be delivered as cohort-based programs, individual workshops, or learning circles in virtual or  onsite settings.

Outcomes at all levels.

Organizational Outcomes

Our clients report more focused, energized, and effective leaders and often see improved retention, professional growth, and organization development. This leads to sustained success for the organization and an improvement in organizational culture.

Group Outcomes

Throughout the program, leaders gain an invaluable asset: a network of collegial peers who now have a shared understanding of one another. Grounded in the shared experience of the program, this network becomes a support system, sounding board, and resource for participants long after the program concludes.

Individual Outcomes

Individual leaders report greatly improved self-awareness and the ability to adapt to be more effective both in their professional and personal lives. They report a greater clarity of purpose and a stronger connection to their teams and the organization’s mission.

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