Organizational Resiliency & Culture

Stay attuned to the needs of your organization.

Organizations are living, dynamic systems designed to fulfill a key purpose. Investing in organizational culture and resiliency yields effective, sustainable results over time. Nebo offers a range of high-impact solutions that can be customized for your organization.

Leadership & Organizational Assessments

Take the pulse of your leadership team and organization, learn what’s working, and where you need to invest.

Board, Executive & Team Retreats

Design a custom retreat to strengthen relationships and energize, align, and focus your board or executive team on your organization’s most important priorities.

Organizational Development & Change Management

Change management is about aligning strategy and people. Our experienced consultants ensure your initiatives are effective, inclusive, and on track.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy

Move beyond compliance and box-checking to create a culture of belonging where each employee can bring their best to work every day.

Culture Assessments & Change Initiatives

Culture is the climate of your organization. Take the temperature of your culture, identify needs, and address change so your people can thrive.


Provide strategies that help your employees integrate work and personal life, make healthier choices, and fulfill their professional and personal purpose.

Programs Building on Values

Define your organization’s values and discover how sharing values leads to a positive supportive culture.

  • AvalereHealth
    “The Nebo team spent the necessary time learning about our business and our leadership needs to design a program that fit beautifully into our culture and environment. This was an important consideration when developing the…
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  • “The work we did in partnership with Nebo had a permanent impact and remains a driving force and a polestar for our subsequent development as an organization.” Andrew Kutt Founder & Head of School Oneness-Family…
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  • Career Resilience
    A senior leader at an NGO hired a Nebo coach to work with him on resilience in the face of significant challenges in his organization.
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