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    Three Ways to Enhance Your Self-Awareness

    As leaders and facilitators of positive change, the most powerful instrument we have in helping our clients or teams navigate change is ourselves. The ability to effectively use ourselves authentically relies on the level of awareness we have about who we are, the impact we make and our ability to make choices to influence and direct our impact on others.

    Three things you can do to enhance and leverage your self-awareness are:

    1. Intentionally deeply reflect on, name and examine your core values, emotions, motives, assumptions, identity and goals. The value in doing so is you are now knowledgeable of what anchors your decisions and actions, and this new level of awareness can better guide your choices.
    2. Identify and assess your strengths and limits. The value in doing so is, in addition to elevating one’s confidence and ability to lead successfully, this candid assessment provides a clear picture of where you need to improve and learn more from your experiences.
    3. Act on, initiate and fuel the behaviors and attitudes you have determined enable you to be your “best-self.”

    The value in doing so is you heighten your ability to positively influence change in others and facilitate their self-awareness development as well.


    With Awareness Comes Choice

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