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    Awareness as the Gateway to Consciousness

    Master coach and trusted leadership development advisor Cindy Adams holds that “awareness is the gateway to consciousness”. In my view, present-moment self-awareness is the gateway to conscious and effective leadership.

    Noticing Yourself

    To me, present-moment self-awareness – the capacity to observe oneself in real-time — lies at the very heart of leadership. For, unless I am able to notice myself on the brink of responding in a habitual way to the stimuli that are coming at me, I will always be at the mercy of those habits and, therefore, constrained from responding in the most creative and resourceful manner to the demands of the situation. Our work as leadership coaches, therefore, is always fundamentally about supporting our clients in the development of that capacity for present-moment self-awareness, no matter the details of the client’s coaching objective.

    Learn how The Nebo Company works with leaders on self-awareness and presence.


    Making the Leap and Expanding Your Awareness

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    Have the Courage to Be Self-Aware
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