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    Noticing from the Balcony

    Self-awareness is fundamental to leader development and almost every coaching engagement. It is a critical skill for leaders and creates the pathway for growth and change. General self-awareness allows leaders to identify areas of strengths and opportunities to develop.

    I will often work with clients on ‘noticing,’ or becoming more aware of how themes are showing up for them in real-time. Developing this ability to be more self-aware in the moment opens the possibility for more intentional choice. Exercised repeatedly, over time, sustainable growth happens.

    I will often refer to this this as the ability to be on the dance floor and balcony at the same time: fully engaged in what you are doing while also being able to look down with a cool eye to observe the action. This ability to remain self-aware in fast-moving, complex environments is an important element of effective leadership.


    Have the Courage to Be Self-Aware

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