Nebo invites you to consider the possibility of living and working sustainably.

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Today, we know that future generations cannot depend on the same resources that have fueled our industrial  expansion for generations. Nor can we ignore the impact of our actions on once abundant flora and fauna. The rapid depletion and degradation of resources along with the negative effects of their extraction and use on earth's eco-systems challenges each of us to consider new possibilities ... new ways of living and working.

There is only one constantly growing resource that can fuel the future - us. We are both at the center of the debate and sole catalysts for solutions. That means we have an incredible opportunity to BE the answer, take the initiative and carefully weigh the benefits of our actions to people, planet, place and profit. 

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Each of us has the potential to be a leader for sustainability.

Nebo is dedicated to supporting the vision and action of individuals and organizations committed to ensuring we live and work in balance with our natural resources.

We support your efforts through:

  • Individualized coaching services - for you, for leaders and teams
  • Supporting the creation of a vision for sustainability and making it real
  • Offering new approaches for seeing the problems and the possibilities
  • Assessing your organization and your approach to sustainability
  • Building capacity through teamwork
  • Working with you to establish the business case 
  • Helping you convene conversations that turn talk into action
  • Workshops on living and leading sustainably
  • Retreats that will take you into the field for close-up views of the world and an adventure of a lifetime
  • Customized leadership and mentoring programs

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you or your organization live and lead sustainably.


5/10/2017 | Kate Ebner, CEO, on retreat with faculty of Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program
Kate Ebner on retreat with faculty of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program at Bon Secours Retreat Center in Marriottsville, MD.
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3/16/2017 | Sharon Lipovsky Welcomes New Baby Boy Into the World
Nebo is extremely excited to announce that VP, Sharon Lipovsky, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Ignatius Alexander (Iggy!), on February 19.
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10/3/2016 | Nebo Welcomes Two New Team Members
Nebo is excited to introduce two new team members to our Leadership Team, Edwin Schmierer and Izzy Martens.
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