Our Sustainability Principles

Sustainability is a founding principle and core value of The Nebo Company. We trace our roots to the natural setting of Lake Nebo, a pristine lake in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. The resiliency, diversity, creativity, and beauty of nature motivates, informs, and inspires our work with each other and our clients. It is a constant reminder of the awesome responsibility we hold for the future.

1. Sufficiency

As environmentalist Dana Gibson said, “One of the most fundamental laws of the earth is “enough.” Nature gives us just so much and no more.  Just so much soil.  Just so much water.  Just so much sunshine.  Everything born of the earth grows to its appropriate size and then stops.  The planet does not get bigger, it gets better.  Its creatures learn, mature, diversify, evolve, create amazing beauty and complexity, but live within absolute limits.”

We believe that when people have a sufficiency of what they need, they thrive.  In a world in which success is often described in terms of having “more,” we aim to support the balance that comes from sufficiency.  Inspired by the work of global humanitarian and environmentalist Lynn Twist, Nebo operates from the belief that people have the capacity to solve their own problems.  Sufficiency is always available.

In our work, we look for what is already present and available and encourage our clients to be resourceful as they tap into the strengths, gifts, experiences and perspectives available to them.  When working with organizations, we observe and learn from what is working, even as we collaborate on the toughest challenges.

2. Stewardship

As a species, human beings bring great consciousness to life on earth, yet our collective actions have had a devastating impact on the world’s natural resources and upon other species.  At Nebo, we believe it is the responsibility and requirement of human beings to serve as stewards of tomorrow, taking care of life on earth even as we anticipate the needs and concerns of future generations. 

We refer to Peter Block’s description of stewardship: “It is concerned with creating a way of governing ourselves that creates a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for outcomes at every level of the organization. It is a buck that stops everywhere. It means having more of a partnership with customers and creating self-reliance on the part of all who are touched by the institution. It says that the answer to economic problems is not reduced costs or better funding; it is to focus on relationships, reciprocity, and participation first.”

 At Nebo, our leadership programs often shine light on a concept we call “positive accountability,” an approach to holding oneself accountable and others that contributes to teamwork, collaboration and positive results.  In this spirit, we bring positive accountability to our business by adopting sustainable practices, such as using and purchasing earth-friendly products and foods, limiting our energy footprint, recycling and caring for our building and our neighborhood. We provide a monthly Sustainable Nebo newsletter to all employees to highlight how to participate as an environmental steward and feature their best practices.  In client work, we seek to limit the supplies, paper and other materials needed to deliver our programs.

3. Sharing

To us, sharing means giving of oneself and receiving from others.  Our belief in reciprocity means that we look for – and find – the mutual benefits that occur when parties exchange value. In reciprocity there is nourishment, the growth of trust, and even joy.  When we can share our gifts freely as individuals and as a community, we will find that we have what we need.

Nebo fosters a sharing culture in which people provide what they can in support of others.  We look first to see what we can offer and how we can help.  We share what we have, thereby limiting consumption of new products and resources.  Whether sharing our knowledge, ideas, our spaces or our goods and services, we seek to find ways to support great ideas and work with organizations with missions that support a sustainable and harmonious future.  We frequent share meals as a staff, invite groups to join us for learning and collaboration and find ways to communicate best practices and great ideas to others.  We frequently teach programs on the topic of personal sustainability and help people to see the linkage between their own well-being and the well-being of our planet.  Our intention is to amplify the impact of leaders everywhere who are working for a better future.  We extend this outreach through our e-newsletter, free webinars, Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life radio show, blog posts and other means.

 4. Showing

We model our commitment to sustainability, beginning with our founding story.  Our name and logo refers to a pristine lake in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, where our founder, Kate Ebner, went as a child.  Inspired by the inner peace she experienced there and the balance of the natural world, she chose the name “Nebo” as a source of inspiration.  Our logo, with an “o” that dips into the lake, reminds us of what we can do when our outer lives are aligned with our inner values.

At Nebo, we convene conversations about the future, ensuring that diverse, engaged stakeholders are part of important discussions.  We use our own methods to build and grow our business.  We help leaders name and live their values.  We encourage them to turn to one another for answers rather than trying to go-it-alone.  We walk our talk. 

Our Sustainability Policies

Waste Reduction and Resource Efficiency

The Nebo Company places environmental sustainability as one of its highest priorities. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, recognize the importance of environmental protection and comply with all environmental legislation, regulations and appropriate codes. To accomplish this we:

  • regularly review the environmental impact of our activities
  • strive to reduce our overall environmental impact and prevent waste using best practices
  • ensure that 90 percent of products that are used are biodegradable
  • provide guidance to employees and contractors on how to minimize waste, including the rules for recycling products as directed by the Washington DC Department of Energy and Environment
  • developed a measurement system for the purpose of measuring and monitoring our effectiveness in meeting our waste reduction goals
  • efficiently use water resources

Diversity and Inclusion

The Nebo Company fosters a supportive and inclusive culture that promotes equal opportunity and operates in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Nebo Company does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy or parenting, age, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, personal appearance, gender identity and expression, family responsibilities, political affiliation, veteran status, or any other bases or protected classes under applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.

Staff Well-being

It is the policy of The Nebo Company to provide a safe and healthy environment in which our employees, visitors and clients can carry out their business. We will not produce or render any service likely to cause an accident or exposure that may result in personal injury, damage to equipment or loss in process. Any and all other policies and procedures must support and comply with this policy statement. We provide proper equipment, training and procedures. Employees are responsible for following all procedures, working safely, and, wherever possible, improving safety measures.

The safety prescriptions in this policy do not take precedence over the Occupational Health and Safety Act. All employees should be familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


It is the policy of The Nebo Company that its contractors and employees and all persons that act as a representative, agent, or advisor to The Nebo Company must comply fully with applicable state, federal, and international anti-corruption laws.

The Nebo Company’s contractors and employees are expressly prohibited from directly or indirectly offering, giving, soliciting or receiving any form of bribe, kickback or other corrupt payment, or anything of value, to or from any person or organization, including government agencies, individual government officials, private companies and employees of those private companies under any circumstances.

Political Contributions

It is not the practice of The Nebo Company to provide political contributions to any candidate or political party. However, contractors and employees may make such contributions as long as those contributions are made by them as individuals and not as representatives of The Nebo Company.


Any Nebo Company contractor or employees who learns of a potential violation of applicable laws or this policy is required to report his or her suspicion promptly.