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    Think Like a CEO and Develop Your Top Team

    In recent years, I’ve coached many CEOs in both the commercial and non-profit sectors.  Like most coaches, I often begin coaching conversations with the simple question, “What would you like to talk about today?”  I’m no longer surprised that the consistent answer is: “My team.”  Usually, what happens next is that the CEO runs through key senior leadership team members, person by person, thinking through how they are doing, what they need and how to bring support and focus to each one. Sometimes, the CEO and I work through how to shift the group’s dynamics or create greater alignment around strategic priorities.  At other times, a human story of personal hardship experienced by a member of the leadership team will occupy the CEO’s mind.  I wonder if members of the senior leadership teams realize how much they are front-and-center in the minds of their leader?

    Given the importance of the senior leadership team to the success of your organization, how much are you paying attention to the development of your top team?  Can you identify the capacities and skills that you would like to see from them as a cohesive team?  What are you doing about the stumbling blocks that recur?  How are you handling problematic behaviors or dysfunctional dynamics? How will you prepare them for even greater levels of contribution and success in the year ahead?  What messages do you need to deliver to the team and to individuals on the team?

    The right combination of support and challenge can make all the difference in achieving important outcomes.

    As you head into 2018, set aside some time to consider not only your 2018 business goals, but also how you will develop your key leaders in order to achieve them.


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