Elijah Cayetano
Senior Associate, Client Services & Experience


“Personally, what makes a career meaningful is impact. Serving others and making a positive impact “the Nebo way” are in alignment with my leadership purpose.”

In his role as Senior Associate of Client Services & Experience, Elijah is essential to the delivery of Nebo’s client services, working in support of delivery teams to set up and successfully execute client engagements. With a background in Leadership Studies, Elijah brings a wealth of professionalism and passion to his client work. 

Prior to his arrival at Nebo, Elijah worked as a Workforce Development Specialist, where he utilized his coaching and training skills to make sure his clients were well-equipped to succeed and thrive in the working world. During this time, Elijah developed and co-facilitated a 6-week training program designed to help clients understand professionalism and leadership, supporting youths, adults, and their families achieve self-sufficiency and stability. Additionally, Elijah worked as a Management Intern for the City of San Diego in the People and Organizational Development team, where he helped to launch a coaching program for city interns and was recognized by Mayor Todd Gloria for his efforts and contributions. 

Elijah graduated from The University of San Diego with a Bachelor’s of Accountancy and a minor in Leadership Studies, followed by a Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies. Elijah is inspired by Nebo’s value of impact and hopes to help leaders inspire future generations.


  • Worked as a Workforce Development Specialist at St. Anne’s Family Services, providing career training, career counseling and coaching
  • Human Resources Management Intern for The City of San Diego, implementing and leading trainings for City Employees on Public Speaking and other relevant skills
  • Youth Leader for the Expanded Learning Program at the YMCA, planning implementing and managing program activities 


  • Master of Arts in Leadership Studies (The University of San Diego)
  • Bachelor of Accountancy, Minor in Leadership Studies (The University of San Diego) 
  • Leadership Coaching Certification (International Coaching Federation) 


  • An avid practitioner of Muay Thai, which helps to stay humble, grounded, and centered
  • Loves enjoying morning brunch with friends and loved ones, connecting over eggs, coffee and a nice view 
  • Lives in Los Angeles with his fiancée


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