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    Thought Leadership

    A leader of people not being understood

    How to Transform a Technical Expert into a People Leader

    At Nebo, we often see this classic case of “what got you here won’t get you there.” Subject matter expertise and technical knowhow will certainly be a significant asset to any leader, however, studies have shown that the most significant predictor of excellence and success in a leadership role is emotional intelligence.

    Creating an Excellent Focus Group Experience

    To develop a deeper understanding of the employee experience in your organization, focus groups are a great option to uncover new insights. Here are some tips to help you structure your focus group experience.

    Image of puzzle pieces coming together representing new leadership team

    Is Leadership Onboarding Part of Your 2024 Strategy?

    ‘Tis the Season – to plan for the year ahead. If you are like me, the annual holiday reading list includes numerous industry and benchmarking reports which offer a look at current trends and forecasts on what to expect in the coming year. I always find value in the reports confirming (or disproving) what we are […]

    Webinar series on DEI title image

    DEI Webinar Series: Leading a Culture of Belonging

    In this free four-part DEI webinar series for leadership development, we will explore how organizations can tap into the benefits of a diverse workforce by creating more equitable and welcoming cultures. Led by Kate Ebner and Raven Rankine of The Nebo Company, we will share strategies for equipping leaders and managers with the necessary concepts, tools and skills to lead with confidence.

    Reflections on Self from a NICU Cuddler

    As a leader, what gift might you offer your peers, your staff, your business associates by being curious about them? And by being vulnerable yourself? Can we see each other as we do these newborns—strong, whole, beautiful? Can we give each other the space to grow and evolve?

    Webinar Series: Developing Transformational Leaders for the 2020s

    This free webinar series offers a comprehensive exploration of the evolving landscape of leadership in an era of complexity, rapid change, and hybrid work environments. Led by renowned leadership expert Kate Ebner, Executive Coach, and CEO and Founder of The Nebo Company, these webinars delve into key aspects of transformational leadership development, onboarding coaching, and talent retention to equip organizations with strategies to thrive.

    Introducing the Transformational Leadership Framework

    Are you looking for a new approach to developing your leaders in these fast-paced, post-pandemic times?   Old models of leadership are no longer sufficient to develop leaders who can navigate today’s unprecedented complexity, pace, and pressures. Over the past decade, Nebo has defined and refined a new framework for modern leaders – a simple, powerful model that […]

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