Smart Strategies for Talent Development Webinar — Friday February 14, 2020
Coaching & Leading Across Cultures

For coaches, what are the coaching competencies needed to coach across cultures? For leaders, what cultural elements should you consider when communicating, leading, and guiding the work of others? Join CEO and top leadership coach Kate Ebner for a 45-minute webinar as she shares lessons learned from more than fifteen years as a coach, facilitator and strategic advisor.

Friday, February 14 @ 12:00pm EST

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We develop resilient leaders who make a difference.

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Deliver on your mission through the talent of your people.

Nebo serves organizations by working at the confluence of organizational strategy, leadership and culture. We help you align your people with your most critical organizational goals, creating the conditions for transformational change. When you invest strategically in your people, results follow.


We have the right match for you.

Nebo brings together the most talented coaches, thoughtfully selected resources and creative strategies to guide your journey of self-discovery, applied learning and growth. From one-on-one leadership coaching to insightful feedback assessments to private leadership retreats, we help you to clarify your goals and make your vision real.

The Nebo Approach

Our work begins with a conversation. Your results come from strategic partnership.

We pay attention to where you want to go and why, then design a customized approach to help get you there. After learning about your priorities, goals and aspirations, we connect you with the right Nebo services, people and resources. We model partnership, collaboration, teamwork and innovation as hallmarks of our approach.

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